Oscar Showstoppers: Get Inspired By the RedCarpet Diamond Jewelry

Oscar Showstoppers: Get Inspired By the RedCarpet Diamond Jewelry

The place where diamond jewelry and sparkling gemstones make a splash every year is none other than the prestigious Academy Awards. No other red carpet has seen more vintage engagement rings, designer engagement rings, and designer jewelry than the Oscars. Top jewelry designers pull out all stops to bring the most spectacular and exclusive designer jewelry pieces to the red carpet, draped over the gowns of the chicest celebrities and most glamorous stars. These gems and diamond jewelry masterpieces make these starts shine brighter than the limelight they are photographed in.

Oscar Showstoppers: Get Inspired By the RedCarpet Diamond JewelryHere are some most talked about diamond jewelry pieces that can serve as an inspiration for your next diamond jewelry shopping spree, and to make you look like a million bucks.

Angelina Jolie

When Angelina Jolie walked the red carpet in 2009, she sported a pair of emerald earrings that complemented and provided a pop of color to her simple black gown. These emerald stunners were a cool$2.5 million a pair and their brilliance and shine held everyone in the vicinity spellbound. If you want your friends to gush over your diamond jewelry, get inspired from these emerald showstoppers and choose an edgier option like our Glamorous Black Onyx and Diamond Earrings.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron wore a custom Christian Dior white angelic gown and sported an extremely short crop of hair, which was styled to perfection. However, what really stopped everyone in their tracks were her choice of diamond jewelry and designer jewelry choices. Her diamond cuffs and a pair of diamond earringsmade her shine brighter than the crowd. Get a look at our Glamorous White Gold Diamond Hoop Earringsand the amazing Unique Diamond Bracelet to get inspired from Charlize’s look.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway sparkled with a 94-carat diamond necklace that made her red Valentino gown not a highlight, but an accessory, because every pair of eye was fixed on her necklace, which sparkledand made everythingelse seem dull in comparison. Our Pear Shape Style Diamond Pendantis a spectacular choice if you want to sparkle and dazzle like Anne.

Nicole Kidman

Talk about theoomph factor. The cascading rows of diamonds made the 2008 Oscars an event to remember. Thediamond fashion jewelrynecklace worn by Nicole Kidman beautifully complemented her black dress and was the star of the show. Get inspired by Nicole’s look and mimic the Australian beauty’sdiamond jewelrychoice by choosing ourUnique White Gold Pendant, which is understated and tasteful interpretation of a cascading diamond fashion jewelry piece.


2013 was a legendary year for diamond fashion jewelry, because JenniferGarner wore one ofthe most expensivediamond jewelry pieces ever worn on the red carpet. The dazzling diamondswere set in darkened platinum, that create a unique and edgydiamond jewelry look, transforming Garner into a dazzling beauty, dripping with diamonds and transfixing every eye in the room. Select our Designer Diamond Fashion Necklace and make sure you look beautiful and amazing in diamond fashion jewelry, regardless of the occasion.

Gloria Stuart

Gloria was a supporting actress in Titanic and reminiscedabout her role by wearing a diamond jewelrynecklace that resembled the “Heart of the Ocean”. She celebrated her nomination by wearing a deep bluediamond jewelry necklace that dazzled at the famous actress’s neckline, accentuating her blue silk gown. You can style your outfit with our dazzlingdesigner jewelry masterpiece,Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant,and shine in a crowd full of beauties.

These are some of the most amazing Oscar diamond jewelry pieces that can now be a part of you designer jewelry collection. You can have an awe-inspiring effect on your audience by looking at our Sylvia Collection masterpieces and updating your diamond fashion jewelry collection and designer jewelry and diamond jewelry collection.

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