Best Romantic Ideas for Your Outdoor Proposal

SY395-BP082114On a blanket under the stars, in a cabana at the beach — there’s no denying these wedding proposals are romantic, but for the contemporary groom who wants his outdoor proposal to be remembered forever, they can be a little … ho hum. If you’re hoping to pop the question in a remarkable way this summer, use these tips to pull off a proposal she’ll never, ever forget.

Customize It

Don’t whisk her off to the nearest beach if caving is her passion. Whether your significant other enjoys parachuting, hiking in the mountains, or geocaching — suiting your proposal to include her favorite pastime is a definite plus in your favor. Embark on a day out together, enjoying her favorite activity, and then wait until the moment is right to bring out that unique engagement ring.

Make It a Day of Intrigue

Plan a day out together for the two of you, and make the whole day one big mystery. From the choice of restaurant to the midnight river cruise, do something unique and different that you’ve never before tried but that you know she’ll love. From a winery tour to a scuba diving adventure –nothing is off-the-table so long as it’s something she’s always dreamed of doing.

Schedule Something Outrageous

Arrange a tour of Spaceport America or take her up in a helicopter flight over local scenery. Whatever plans you make for the day, ensure that they’re way over the top and outrageous. She’ll remember the day for the excitement and the thrill, as well as for the romantic proposal that came at the beginning or at the end of this amazing day.

Finding new and more romantic ways of proposing to the one you love is easy as long as you make her the focal point of the whole project. Cater to her wildest dreams on this day. Bring her all the things she loves most in the world –including yourself — and you’ll be off to a lovely start as a future forever couple.

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