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Romantic Rings for Spring

We have a splendid selection of ultra-feminine engagement rings to accompany the perfect springtime proposal. Whether the bride-to-be is a lover of vintage-inspired rings or a bold believer in whatever’s trending at the moment, we have the consummate spring ring to suit the occasion.


A floral ring is feminine. It’s earthy. It may be just the right ring for the nature-loving bride-to-be. Floral rings have been around for ages, but today’s offerings are especially whimsical — featuring stunning center stones nestled in floral-shaped halos of smaller diamonds. Florals occur in many shapes — just as they do in nature — one to suit every personality.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is gaining a strong following in the 21st Century. Beautifully crafted from a mixture of gold and copper, rose gold rings are well-suited to brides who desire a splash of color but who still prefer a crystal-clear diamond. Rose gold varies in hue from light pink to red with the addition of silver or an increase in copper content. Rings made from romantic rose gold will naturally develop a gorgeous patina over time, due to the addition of copper.


Vintage-inspired engagement rings are some of the most sought-after among contemporary brides. Whether she desires a ring similar to one she coveted as a child or just prefers a unique ring that bears little in common with modern trends, we have a captivating collection of vintage-inspired rings to set the stage for your spring proposal.

Kudos to the man who plans a spring engagement. Spring is the season of renewal and change — alive with vibrant colors and filled with possibility of the days to come. If ever there was a perfect season to pop the question, spring may be it.

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