Three Superb Settings That Safeguard Your Stone

S1228-300x300If this is your first time choosing an engagement ring, you’ll be excited to learn that there’s much more to the setting than just its appearance. While many are created with dazzle factor in mind, we offer an abundance of settings that are actually designed to be well-wearing as well as whimsical. If you’re a practical-minded bride-to-be who values function as well as flavor, you might want to consider one of the following ultra-safe settings to snuggle your stone securely:


The cathedral setting features an elevated stone, typically mounted by prongs or bezel, with elegant metal arches that sweep upward to envelope the gem on each side. A cathedral setting draws attention to your stone, but at the same time, it acts to reinforce it on both sides, helping protect it during impact.


A bezel setting is most secure to encircle your diamond and hold it firmly in place. A full-bezel setting does just that — encircles the entire stone. A partial bezel grasps the stone on opposite sides, leaving the remaining sides open so more of the stone is revealed.

There are no prongs present in a bezel-set ring, just bands of metal that slip over top the edge of the stone. As a result, rings of this nature are less likely to catch on materials or objects and become loosened.


Precious gems that have been set inside a channel are also well-protected from damage. A channel setting is flat, with the stone positioned between two bars of metal that overlap it slightly on top. Channel-set diamonds are nearly impervious to whatever types of damage you can throw at them during everyday wear.

When choosing your forever ring, take care to select one of our equally durable settings. This will ensure your diamond stays securely on your finger for years to come.

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