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SY395 WGYou should always insure your jewelry, but especially any of your bridal jewelry prior to your honeymoon (especially if you are leaving the country.) Insurance on a ring is just a way of protecting your ring no matter what the circumstances and before you can get insurance you need an appraisal by a bridal jewelry expert or appraiser.

After you find an expert of professional bridal jewelry person to appraise your ring you need to make an appointment and go in with the ring to have it appraised. They will look at your ring under a telescope and with the naked eye and determine the value of your ring. When they have finished appraising your ring you will receive a paper with the ring or jewelries value. At this point, you will be able to get insurance on the jewelry.

Make sure that you are given all  the forms from the Jewelry Insurance Standards Organization that are required for your insurance. SY337 0078

When choosing an appraiser, look for both gemological and appraisal education. In addition to understanding gem identification, appraisers need to know valuation theory so that they can appraise the jewelry according to the intended use of appraisal documents. Check and see if the local associations recommend any appraisers in your area.

If you purchased a Sylvie Collection, you can always trust our select retail partners who offer the highest standards of customer care and satisfaction to appraise your ring or recommend an appraiser.

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