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4 Ways to Boost your Snapchat Marketing Game

If you’re a retail business particularly one that sells fine jewelry, then you know that marketing is everything! Nowadays, the most important and most effective form of marketing/advertising is digital marketing. Social media plays a huge role in bringing your digital marketing strategies to life, which is why we’re talking Snapchat marketing for small businesses today!

Snapchat Social Media

Snapchat has recently garnered some business buzz. Of course, Snapchat has been popular since its launch in 2012, but most recently it has become more popular on the business side of things. From sharing promotions and in-store event behind the scenes to interacting with your customers, Snapchat has many features that make your experience with promoting your business online more personal and innovative. Although organic reach and personal conversations are important, to reach your audience and get your content out there to more people, paying for ads is a priority. You need to make sure your brand’s voice is heard online and off. As a jewelry retailer you want to utilize swipe up links as well as get your self acquainted with snapchat ads for sponsored advertisements.

Snapchat Social Media

If you are a jewelry retailer or small business utilizing Snapchat as a marketing platform, check out some of the latest features that you should be utilizing to keep your stories fresh, exciting, and always drawing in viewers and potential leads. Here they are:


There are 186 million daily active Snapchat users and more than 3 billion snaps sent a day. Boosting your online presence through Snapchat is not only a smart business decision, but it also helps you directly connect with your followers. Access to behind the scenes content, first come first serve links to promotions and sales, and so much more. Personalize your snapchat brand account with a custom snap code. Like a QR code, this can be shared among your followers so they can immediately follow your brand with a snap of a button. After you create your Snapchat account and snap code, you will need to define your audience. 71% of snapchat users are under the age of 34. If you’re looking to connect with customers within that demographic, then Snapchat is the perfect app for you. Learn what your audiences which to see and utilize your ability to provide demos and information about your products in this case jewelry to get them more interested.

Snapchat Social Media Insights

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Snapchat now allows any brand to purchase Sponsored 3D World Lenses and put animated, branded objects into their snaps. With just a tap of your finger, you can bring your brand to life! Perhaps a sparkling engagement ring, or a 3D jewelry box opening to reveal a gorgeous necklace? With such innovative and easily accessible graphics, it’s a no brainer to invest in the biggest and newest graphics in social media!

Snapchat Social Media

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A recent blog from Hootsuite said, “According to Snapchat, the swipe-up rate for Snap Ads is five times higher than the average click-through rate on comparable social media platforms.”

Build brand awareness with a 10-second Snap Ad, and your user engagement will skyrocket! Your advertisement, though short, offers viewers the option to “swipe up” and view the content in more depth. Your then ephemeral content becomes long-form content!

Snapchat Social Media

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Use Snapchat Geo filters to showcase your events based on location!Have a bridal jewelry trunk show coming up? You can create a Snapchat geofilter (a small art graphic that shows up over a snap) to advertise the event. Even better, the filter can be used by anyone at your event or near it, and if they post it to their own Snapchat story, the word will spread even faster.

Overwhelmed yet? It’s a lot to take in! All we’re saying is don’t overlook or underestimate your social media platforms that offer ephemeral content. Just because the content is temporary, doesn’t mean your audience or targeted consumers will be!

Snapchat Social Media Geofilter

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Social media isn’t going away any time soon, and its trends are only accelerating and strengthening every day. Its presence is undeniable, and nowadays having a minuscule social media presence can arguably hurt your brand.

While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are important for publishing and marketing content, the focus should be on platforms pitching ephemeral content like Instagram and Snapchat. Consumers want content that is not only relevant to them but also easy to absorb. Using the Story features on Snapchat and Instagram can be the boost you need in viewership, readership, and engagement. Likewise, investing in new features like 3D World Lenses and Snap Ads will get your brand out there quickly and effectively.

Don’t wait! Create your accounts, play around with the features, and post away! Just remember that timing and targeting is everything, and social media will help your brand soar!

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