Tips and Tricks to Market Your Jewelry on Social Media

Let’s face it: our world is completely dominated by social media. The time of email marketing is nearing its end and ushering in a new era of B2C/ B2B communication. Platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are changing the world of content marketing, and we too must change with it.

We have some great tips and tricks to help you successfully navigate your social media platforms and optimize your marketing strategy!

The Basics


When managing a social media platform as a business, the main goal is to effectively communicate your brand. You need to 1) yield a wide reach, and 2) increase your engagement. To accomplish these things, timing and targeting—the two T’s, if you will—are key to relaying your brand.


Which days are the best to post? What about the time of day? These are both crucial factors to consider when marketing via social media.

For example, you wouldn’t post something important in the morning when hardly anyone is online; instead, post during lunchtime or mid-afternoon, when it’s inevitable that users are logged in and active.

Weekends are a whole different ballgame. Posts on Saturdays should occur between 12pm- 8pm, and on Sundays between 12pm- 5pm, and after 8pm. More views mean more likes which potentially means more clicks. Otherwise, you’ll lose another well-crafted post in a black hole of poorly timed content.


Just as important as your timing is your target audience. As a jewelry retailer, a large portion of your audience is women… But how old is your target audience? Where do they live?

Nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide analytics that allow you to gauge content performance. Who views your content? At what time of day? In which parts of the world? Having insight on your targeted audience can make all the difference in your reach and engagement results.

In the end, timing and targeting work together to ensure that you’re posting at the right time, to the right platforms, and for the right audience.


What is a hashtag, really?

It seems like just a silly “#” sign you put in front of random keywords, but what you hashtag is so beneficial to upping your social media game.

Let’s say it’s nearing the holidays and you post a picture of a gorgeous, holiday-inspired piece. It’s crucial to use hashtags like “#holiday”, “#Christmas”, “#winter”, “#jewelry”, etc. because of their broad reach. This way, when people search for posts with those keywords or “hashtags”, your post will appear and get the viewing and engagement it needs!

Make Your Content “Disappear”

No, we don’t mean erase all your content on social media! We mean what is now referred to as “ephemeral content”, content that is temporarily available.

Snapchat and Instagram have optimized ephemeral content to drive incredible results with reach and engagement. Their “story” features advertise an array of engaging content that is only available for a matter of seconds, persuading the viewer to repeatedly return and view it again.

“Stories” create a “get it before it’s gone” mentality, and unlike most traditional marketing advertisements, they appear less “spammy” and more personalized.

Your first “story” may initially seem tricky to maneuver, but giving your content a time limit will ultimately increase its value and label it as something worth engaging.

Snapchat for Success


We can’t stress it enough: Snapchat is where it’s at nowadays with brand marketing!

Snapchat 3D World Lenses

Snapchat now allows any brand to purchase Sponsored 3D World Lenses and put animated, branded objects into their snaps. With just a tap of your finger, you can bring your brand to life! Perhaps a sparkling engagement ring, or a 3D jewelry box opening to reveal a gorgeous necklace? With such innovative and easily accessible graphics, it’s a no brainer to invest in the biggest and newest graphics in social media!

Snap Ads

A recent blog from Hootsuite said, “According to Snapchat, the swipe-up rate for Snap Ads is five times higher than the average click-through rate on comparable social media platforms.”

Build brand awareness with a 10-second Snap Ad, and your user engagement will skyrocket! Your advertisement, though short, offers viewers the option to “swipe up” and view the content in more depth. Your then ephemeral content becomes long-form content!

Snapchat “Geofilters”

Use Snapchat geofilters to showcase your events based on location!


Have a bridal jewelry trunk show coming up? You can create a Snapchat geofilter (a small art graphic that shows up over a snap) to advertise the event. Even better, the filter can be used by anyone at your event or near it, and if they post it to their own Snapchat story, the word will spread even faster.

Overwhelmed yet? It’s a lot to take in! All we’re saying is don’t overlook or underestimate your social media platforms that offer ephemeral content. Just because the content is temporary, doesn’t mean your audience or targeted consumers will be!


Social media isn’t going away any time soon, and its trends are only accelerating and strengthening every day. Its presence is undeniable, and nowadays having a minuscule social media presence can arguably hurt your brand.

While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are important for publishing and marketing content, the focus should be on platforms pitching ephemeral content like Instagram and Snapchat. Consumers want content that is not only relevant to them but also easy to absorb. Using the Story features on Snapchat and Instagram can be the boost you need in viewership, readership, and engagement. Likewise, investing in new features like 3D World Lenses and Snap Ads will get your brand out there quickly and effectively.

Don’t wait! Create your accounts, play around with the features, and post away! Just remember that timing and targeting is everything, and social media will help your brand soar!

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