15 Ways to Boost your Social Media Before the Holidays

If your business is growing, your engagement is high, & your social media marketing strategy is working well… Don’t stop now! Trends are constantly changing and that means your strategy should always be following suit. You should be engaging with your followers, staying consistent and up to date with the newest and best tools to stay on top.

If you’re fresh out of new ideas or just want some inspiration to keep a consistent flow throughout the holidays, keep on reading for our top 15 tips on how to boost your social presence here.

1. Instagram LIVE

Videos are what people want to see – so give them what they want. Ring of the week, focus on a different diamond shape every week, share a bridal story with her ring, anything to show off the real sparkle of the ring and engage with your followers on a more personal level.

2. Poll Questions

Get your followers involved by allowing them to choose what you post that day. You can even find out their favorites by posting polls on your Instagram stories. This is a great way to get feedback from those who loyally follow you.

3. Vendor Generated Content

Re-post all content from your jewelry manufacturers and media partners that relate to your brand. Show them that you appreciate them providing photos or using their content. This is a mutually beneficial practice that can offer your page additional exposure, especially when using vendor branded hashtags!

4. Behind the Scenes Content

Brands who let customers see the real side of their business and who they are as people come off more relatable. They are able to connect with you instead of just being about the product you’re selling. A better relationship with your customer will lead to sales down the line.

5. Q & A

Create a connection with your customers – show them you care about their questions and concerns. Host a Q&A on your Instagram LIVE or Snapchat story to open a conversation with them.

6. Weekly Challenges

Get your customers to return to your page with fun challenges and incentives. Everybody loves a good trivia game – you can even tailor it o be about your own brand/company.

7. Host a Competition

Give your customers the chance to win something for supporting your business! This will in turn increases their brand loyalty and raise brand awareness.

8. Sweepstakes Contest

Host a sweepstakes for the holidays. Collaborate with other brands to put together a prize that your customers would love to win! Share it across all your platforms to draw in more people during your busy season.

9. Fill in the Caption

Get your followers involved and engaged with your  brand. A great idea to get customers engaging with your posts is to ask for caption suggestions.

10. Discounts & Promotions

Share discounts and promotions on your social media pages. Create a social media promotion that customers can print and bring in-store. The whole point is to lead your customers to your pages and have them coming back.

11. Customer and Bridal Stories

These could be testimonials, bride quotes, their love story, etc. Give your bridal customers the spotlight for choosing Sylvie!

12. Social Media Calendar

Create a calendar, schedule your posts,  be ready ahead of time so you know what you’re posting and when it’s going out. Make sure your team is on board and ahead of the trends.

13. Twitter Chat

Bring your audience together – create a conversation that they can be a part of.

14. Hashtags

Use your hashtags! Not only are these great for other brands to find you – they keep all your posts in one place. Sylvie’s branded hashtags are #SomethingSYLVIE and #SYLVIE.

15. IGTV

With high engagement trends linked to video content on social media, IGTV has become very important! IGTV now allows you to take full screen, vertical videos that are up to an hour long and post them for your followers to see. It is another great way to reach your followers and connect with them.

Credit belongs to: 20 ideas to level up your social content

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