Spring Proposals: Sylvie Bride Edition

Spring will be here before we know it! Are you planning a spring proposal for your soon to be bride? A proposal during the season of blooming flowers and warmer weather is ideal! If you want to make it more original, but don’t know where to start, our Sylvie Brides are bringing all the proposal inspiration. Instead of us sharing our proposal ideas, we’re sharing some of our Sylvie Bride spring proposals to get your creative juices flowing! Keep reading below to see how some of our Sylvie Suitors proposed!


Garden Proposal in the City


This proposal comes with a little backstory, but it’s truly a garden proposal in the middle of spring – you can’t go wrong! Marc & Stacey love Boston! Here we have a couple who are big Red Sox fans! For Marc’s birthday weekend, Stacey thought it would be perfect for them to spend time in the city and go to a Sox game. Little did she know, he had other plans in mind. On Saturday, April 27th, 2019, they walked along Newbury street, did some shopping and sat outside for mimosas and breakfast. From there, he took her to the public garden where the tulips were blossoming everywhere. They had their adorable cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Charlotte with them too. So cute! Stacey thought nothing of it when Marc said “let me take a picture of you and Charlotte!” When she bent down to scoop Charlotte up in her arms, Marc was down on one knee asking her to be his wife! That moment is one we’re sure she’ll never forget; the shock and whirlwind of it all had Stacey on cloud nine. From there, they headed back to their hotel in Seaport where another surprise was waiting – all of their best friends in their hotel with champagne to celebrate their engagement! Marc did GOOD!


“Fake photoshoot” in the city

Now this proposal is short, sweet & to the point! Austin planned a “fake photo shoot” day for blogger, Sierra. Since she was used to doing photo shoots in the city for her Instagram and blog, this didn’t throw her off one bit. She met with the photographer and they started photographing as if it was a normal shoot day! But, little did Sierra know, Austin was waiting with a huge surprise. He walked up behind her mid photo and the photographer captured all of it! This is a great way to work in photos without making it too obvious that you are planning something. In this case, it worked out perfectly for them! You could even plan a photo shoot for the two of you as a fun date night activity if there is no reason to have a photographer around!


Beach Proposal

A outdoor beach proposal is always a winner in our book. If the weather is nice, the sun is out, and you are lucky enough to live somewhere where there is a beach, then yes a beach proposal is for you! When Justin proposed to Sarah, they were on said beach in Charleston! It’s actually “their spot” since they lived there for 2 years. What a special intimate moment for the both of them! If you’re thinking of this kind of proposal, planning something centered around a special place where you both go to frequently or where you had your first date would be a great choice! With Sarah and Justin, it was very special because even both of their families came down and met them there for dinner! It was a true a surprise!

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