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Did you know that our stackable bands make the best fashion bands? With Valentine’s Day coming up, don’t settle for some last-minute chocolates or final-sale flower bouquets. Instead “wow” her with a stunning piece of jewelry! At the Sylvie Collection we have a wide selection of dazzling stackable bands that will make your Valentine’s Day one to remember! Here are some of our best-selling stackable bands that will make the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for your loved one. What are you waiting for? Win her heart!

All Three Metals

B0049 RG B0060 YG B0026 WG

B0057                                                                            B0060                                                               B0026

Our stackable bands come in all three metals and are the perfect fashion piece to mix and match for a stylish look. These diamond stackable bands are unique, fashionable, and make great gifts for any occasion! Sylvie has a collection of stackable wedding bands that are classy, unique, & timeless all in one. Adorned with sparkling diamonds, our stackable bands are a must have for you or your S.O.! If you’re on the lookout for last minute gifts, we got you covered! Let us help you find the perfect something new for that special person!


B0011 RU DIA RGB4002 RU RGB0013 RU RG

B0011                                                                           B4002                                                                      B0013

Our rose gold gemstone stackable bands are one of our favorite unique gemstone stackable bands for the modern-day bride. It brings all the glamour and uniqueness to an already modern stackable band. With a rose gold band to the dazzling ruby and diamond stones, this fashionable ruby gemstone stackable band is all your chic bride is wishing for. Our unique gemstone stackable bands feature elements that you wouldn’t normally see all together. These stackable bands have it all – intricate details on the band, beautiful gemstones, shimmering diamonds, and so much more.

Blue Sapphires

B1P15 037BSB0018 027BSB0036 015BS

B1P15                                                                    B0018                                                                         B0036

If you’re on the hunt for a blue sapphire the most important feature (pretty obvious) is the color. The ideal sapphire engagement ring has a balance of color, tone, and brightness that’ll make or break the look of your stackable band. Our blue sapphire stackable bands are such a staple for the colder months! For us at the Sylvie Collection, it’s all about our blue sapphire stackable bands. From vintage to modern, this look never goes out of style which is all we want this February!


B0017 EM YGB4002 DIA EM YGB0033 EM YG

B0017                                                                                   B4002                                                                     B0033

If your May lady is into surprises and doesn’t mind not picking out her wedding band, then this this emerald and diamond stackable band is a great option for you. These stackable bands add a pop of color, they are timeless yet on trend, & just make a great Valentine’s Day gift that won’t wilt or get eaten. This emerald green gemstone is gorgeous and really shines in the light. Such a strong color and the perfect birthstone to gift your May lady! Get her a few so she can stack them or get her one of our mixed metal styles to wear on her middle finger. She’ll be the trendiest bride to be in town so don’t miss out on these beauties!

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