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Say Hello and Congratulations to our Sylvie Bride, Courtney B. & her fiance, Erik K.

sylvie bride courtney

How they met?

We met on Bumble! I remember swiping through, and Erik had red pants, a blazer, leaning against a doorway sipping on some whiskey. I remember thinking wow red pants – bold move! He was cute though too – I swiped right and boom we were a match! Since girls have to start the conversation first, I remember teasing him about the red pants, and asking him how his Monday was going! We texted for a while, then decided to meet up! We had our first date at Aria wine bar. I remember him being such a gentleman and super sweet, we had long lasting conversations and indulged in drinks and appetizers – many more dates followed!

sylvie bride courtney

How did you know they were the one?

I am originally from Philadelphia and Erik is from St. Louis. He always associated Philly with the rocky movies – and to his surprise I never saw one rocky movie (I know – bad Philadelphian on my part!) Erik one night, bought a DVD player along with all 5 rocky movies and at the time the 1 creed film. We spent our next couple of dates having movie nights and we watched them all – it was so cute and sweet on his part! Now rocky #1 is one of my favorite movies! 🙂

sylvie bride courtney
How did they propose?

We had plans to go back to Philadelphia for the weekend, but Erik ended up having to work. He promised he would make it up to me the next weekend with a fancy dinner. He made reservations at Battello, a restaurant on the Hudson river, with skyline views. Dinner was excellent, and we sat in the back room with string lights, it was very romantic. After dinner, Erik asked if I wanted to get a drink at a rooftop bar we love going to because of the panoramic views of the city. On our walk over, Erik started reminiscing about one of the first dates we had – at the pier and said we should take a stroll down the pier – maybe we can get a picture! Mind you – it was freezing!!! After a few minutes I told Erik we should just go up to the rooftop and have our picture taken up there. In that moment, a couple came strolling down the pier. Erik sprinted up to the couple and next thing you know, we are posing for the picture. He grabbed my hands, looked deeply into my eyes and started saying how much he loved me and how much I meant to him. He continued with how we have been through a lot as a couple and if I could make him the happiest man alive. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in total shock, and of course said yes! We were so excited, that Erik even forgot to put the ring on my hand. The couple was actually taking a video the whole time and mentioned the ring the ring! Erik then gave me the ring and it was stunning – I could not take my eyes off of my hand. I had so many questions, “How did you pull this off without me knowing?” “When did you ask my dad?” He told me he would tell me all the details once we got up to the rooftop. Upon entering the rooftop, I once again was stunned – the first person I locked eyes with was my mom! Then dad, then my two younger sisters; I glance across from them and Erik’s parents along with his older sister and her boyfriend were there! I was in complete shock – I couldn’t believe Erik had pulled off bringing both families together for the first time, to celebrate our engagement! The night was perfect, and we celebrated the night away – I would not have wanted it any other way!

sylvie bride courtney
Why did you choose a Sylvie Ring?

Erik selected Sylvie all on his own – he knew what my ideal dream ring looked like and he did a great job! I wanted a micro-pave diamond band, and he did just that – it is perfect.

Which Sylvie ring did you choose?

Jeana – classic round solitaire engagement ring; .33 ct twt in platinum; center stone: 2.01 ct.

solitaire engagement ring

This classic solitaire engagement ring features a 1 carat round brilliant center diamond with a total 0.33 carats down the shank for a classic style.

Where did you purchase the ring?

Gerald peters (Staten island, NY)

What do you love most about your Sylvie ring?

I think the design is super unique, I always wanted a micropave diamond ring, but I love how this one has a double layer of tiny diamonds going down, where most only have a single layer of diamonds going down the side. It makes my ring look unique and different and I love it!

sylvie bride courtney

As a Sylvie Bride, you say yes to love and to many other things! What are they?

yes to love
yes to travel
yes to challenge
yes to adventure
yes to books
yes to relaxing
yes to yoga
yes to my puppy
yes to girls night out
yes to fashion/shopping

As the groom, what do you love about your Yes girl?

– Anything she puts her mind do, she does not stop until she completes it.
– She laughs at all my corny jokes, acts like they annoy her, but she SECRETLY loves them.
– She is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.
– She is the best dog mom.
– Anytime I am stressed or upset, she always knows how to cheer me up or take my mind of things.
– Doesn’t matter if we are going on an EXTRAVAGANT romantic dinner date in NYC or make homemade pizza and Watch Netflix. No matter what we are doing, it is always perfect.
– Best of all, she is my best friend!

sylvie bride courtney

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