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Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Mackenzie L.

Meet our beautiful Sylvie Bride, Mackenzie!

sylvie brideThe Story

Alex and I have were together for 6 years before he proposed and she became a Sylvie bride! We just celebrated our 8 year anniversary together!

How did you meet your fiancé/spouse?

Alex and I met in high school. We started dating September 3rd of 2010. We were both 15 years old and never believed that we would be here 8 years later getting married!

sylvie couple

The moment they knew they would be together forever?

I don’t think we know exactly when we fell in love with each other. I think it just happened over time because we’ve been together for so long. You kind of just think “Hey, I really love him/her”

sylvie couple
How did he propose?

Alex had come to visit me in West Virginia. After I got home from work he insisted on opening Christmas presents on the 21st in the living room. I thought it was a dumb idea because we could’ve just opened the gifts in my room since they were already there, but I went to get them. After yelling at him on my way out of the living room, I walked back into the living room and he was down on one knee! I was speechless and kept apologizing for yelling at him.

sylvie bride
What made you decide to choose a Sylvie Collection ring?

I knew I wanted something simple and princess cut. Ultimately, Alex picked out the ring and he did an amazing job!

sylvie collection engagement ring
Which ring did you choose and why?

He chose a solitaire, princess cut engagement ring with a diamond band. This was always the type the ring that I wanted.

Where did you buy your ring?

Urbanowicz Jewelers in McMurray, PA.

What do you love most about your Sylvie Collection ring?

It so simple, classic and beautiful.

sylvie engagement ring
We see our Sylvie Brides as “ Yes” girls. What do you say “yes” to in life?

I always try and say “yes” to adventures. I love exploring and trying new things. I just recently tried camping for the first time and loved it! I always say “yes” to margaritas! Anything with animals is always a “yes” from me!

Give us a little blurb telling us what makes her your “yes” girl!

The thing that I love the most about her is that she can make a bad day into the best day just by looking at her. The way she smiles and captures your heart with her kindness is what I adore about her.

sylvie bride wedding

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