Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Arin B.

Congrats to our beautiful Sylvie Bride, Arin! Zach proposed to her in the most romantic city ever: PARIS! Keep reading to learn more about their love story, and her gorgeous custom Sylvie engagement ring!

How They Met

Zach and I met at one of our first jobs: working in the restaurant business in our small, hometown of St. Augustine. I never had the chance to meet him until one day our work schedules collided, and he started up a conversation with me. Zach always tells me that from that single conversation, he was awestruck and knew he felt a strong connection. He said I was different than anyone else he’d ever met, and he wanted me to be his. I, on the other hand, was not as interested so quickly.


For me, love is something very tender; I believe that the amount of effort put into trusting and caring for someone to share your heart and life with should only be meant for one person. I was interested, but even more so curious. Eventually, with his persistence, I found out that he is that special person who has become my other half.

When She Knew He Was “The One”

I don’t believe there was ever a specific moment, perhaps just my intutition—that I always knew he was that special someone for me.

However, there was one time where Zach went above and beyond and reminded me that I had found my one true love.

I always dreamt of sitting on the beach with the cool sand between my toes, snuggled up next to a crackling fire. One Valentine’s Day, Zach and I went for a walk on the beach after dinner. He was acting sort of strange, as if he was looking for a treasure chest or something. Moments later, we walked up to a blanket, some chocolate-covered strawberries, and an inviting fire. He discretely asked a friend to help him bring my dream to a reality and create an incredibly romantic evening.

The Proposal

We were on a family trip in Europe, and I was beyond ecstatic to finally be in Paris. On our venture to see the Eiffel Tower, Zach’s sister was taking some photos. Amongst the photoshoot, Zach got down on one knee to ask me if I’d marry him. Of course, I said yes, and I gave him a lot of credit for such an amazing surprise in an incredible special place. We will always have Paris to reminisce about the beginning of our lives together.


The Ring

We bought our ring at Blue Water Jewelers in St. Augustine. From the beginning, I was drawn to Sylvie Collection. I even ended up choosing the first ring I picked out!



My ring is the SY999 with a round center diamond on a cushion halo. I absolutely love its brilliance and shine. It can get distracting, but I don’t mind at all because I love staring at it, especially the rose-gold setting!

Congratulations again, Arin and Zach! We wish you the very best!

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