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Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Hanna W.


How They Met

Kyle and I met right before my 24th birthday on October 16th, 2015 in Newport, RI. I was having a get together with a couple of friends to go to dinner and the homecoming game at the college we went to the next day, and my best friend from college and her boyfriend were driving from Connecticut to join me. About a week before the dinner, my friend asked me if one of their friends from Connecticut could join us for dinner because he had just moved to Rhode Island (where I lived) and didn’t know many people. She told me he was a super nice guy, smart, funny, very handy and would get along well with the group, so I responded sure I love new friends! Friday night came and they all met me in the parking lot of the Marriott in Newport. He pulled up in his truck, hopped out, grabbed his 12 pack of beer and introduced himself. He caught my eye for sure, but we just carried on our way to drop stuff in the hotel we were staying at and then go to dinner.

At dinner we ended up sitting next to each other. He started telling the whole table about his work and about him – everything he said was so interesting and we were only a few minutes into the dinner! My friend and I got up to go to the salad bar and I immediately said, “please tell me this guy doesn’t have a girlfriend”, and she smiled and said nope. Dinner finished, and we went back to the hotel where we were all staying. I told myself that I would go to bed early because we were going to the homecoming game the next day. Well 3:00am came and he and I were still up talking! I finally said I needed to go bed and walked to my hotel room with a huge smile on my face.

The next morning, we were all getting into our cars to drive to the game. Kyle was unable to join us for the game, so I walked over to him to say goodbye, we both said it was nice to meet each other. In my head I was thinking ‘WHY DIDN’T HE ASK ME FOR MY NUMBER I STAYED UP TILL 3AM TALKING TO HIM!’. I hopped into my friend’s truck and decided to ask for his number. She turned to me and said, “Relax he just asked me for yours he will text you soon!”. A little bit later he texted me; we talked all day, made dinner plans, and we have been together ever since.


When She Knew He Was “The One”

Kyle and I were going to my sister’s college graduation, and he was going to meet my family for the first time. The 7-hour drive consisted of non-stop pouring rain, and I complained non stop. But Kyle did the whole trip without a single complaint, and he made it better. We got along so well and made the best of it, running through puddles and laughing about how ridiculous the drive was.

At the graduation ceremony I got an awful sunburn, and he took me to a Walmart in the complete middle of nowhere to get Aloe! Kyle successfully survived the whole weekend and everyone loved him. The weekend showed me how patient, hilarious and loving he is—I knew I’d met someone really special.


The Proposal

After Kyle and I dated for a year we decided to take the big step and move in with each other. I was living in one city in Rhode Island and him in another. We both shared a love for Newport (where we met) so we decided to move there in the fall of 2016. We lived there for a year together and we both agree it will forever be our favorite place. Our move was prompted by great

In August 2017, we planned to move to Norwalk, Connecticut for job opportunities. The stress of moving inspired me to plan a much-needed weekend getaway to Newport in October. I planned the weekend down to a tee: AirBnB reservation, dinner reservations, and activities! Our first full day we visited our favorite spots in Newport, and then Kyle suggested we take a walk on the Cliff Walk right before dinner. As we walked along we sat on a bench that has one of the best views on the Cliff Walk. Kyle started telling me that it was at this very spot he realized he was going to ask me to marry him, and then before I knew it he was down on one knee asking me to spend forever with him! To say it was perfect was an understatement—I didn’t think it could get any better until I saw one of my friends hiding in the bushes and capturing the whole thing!

Kyle then surprised me again, telling me that our parents were waiting for us at the Chandler (a restaurant on the Cliff Walk) for drinks! He told me my dinner reservations were cancelled, and instead he reserved the entire back room of the restaurant for a celebratory dinner!

He basically re-planned the whole weekend that I had planned but it was so perfect. He asked me to marry him on October 28, 2017 and we will be getting married back in Newport where it all began, where we lived together for the first time, and where he proposed 1 year later on October 27, 2018.


The Ring

My Sylvie Collection engagement ring is the S1087. I was browsing Marks Jewelers website one day, months before getting engaged and before it was even really on my mind, and I found this ring and just could not stop staring, it was perfect! I never thought I would be the girl to show my guy ring photos, but I really wanted him to pick it out! But I could not help myself but “subtly” leave this one up on the computer screen for him to see and I am so happy he saw it.

My favorite thing about my Sylvie Collection engagement ring is how elegant yet simple and uniqueit is! I get so many compliments on how beautiful and unique it is – which is exactly what I was looking for!


Congratulations Hanna and Kyle! Sylvie Collection wishes you all the best!



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