Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Kristina I.

Say hello to another stunning Sylvie Bride, Kristina! She and Jake got engaged last summer, and the proposal was special and emotional, to say the least. Congratulations Kristina and Jake, we are so happy for you both!


How They Met

Jake and I met at a CrossFit gym in April 2015 in Glendale, Queens. We went on our first date on June 1, 2015.  Our first date was over French fries and a pastrami sandwich at a Kosher deli in Queens!

Once we moved in together, I knew we would be together forever. He moved into my apartment and it was a major step in our relationship for multiple reasons. He showed me a different side of himself that I had been missing out on completely. We shared many of the same interests already, but living together exposed so many more of the things that we had in common.


The Proposal


The proposal was very intimate. Earlier in the day, Jake told me that he was having a terrible day and that he was going to the gym after work. I got home and was not expecting him to be in the house. However, when I opened the door there were tons of balloons filling the foyer area and candles all lined up on the floor.  Some of the balloons had messages on them like, “I love you” and, “Last chance to run away!”.

I then noticed LEGO figures hanging from the strings tied to the balloons. The LEGO figures all had “Will you marry me?” printed on their shirts! I walked into my apartment and saw Jake down on one knee with the ring.  I was so surprised and so happy, I couldn’t contain my happy tears! I knew that Jake had been the one for a long time.


The Ring


Jake purchased the ring at Greenwich St. Jewelers in New York City. I would highly recommend this jeweler. His biggest concern was the stone that is in my ring. The stone had once belonged to his mother – he was looking for a reputable jeweler that he would be able to trust with this special stone. They did a fantastic job setting it and ensuring that everything was just what he wanted!

It’s rather funny: Jake ran into me while he was on his way to the jewelry store with the engagement ring in his pocket! Lucky for him, I didn’t notice, which is abnormal because usually I can read him like a book! He definitely played his cards right that day and kept the surprise to himself!


My ring setting is the S1127, and I love everything about it! The diamonds are so sparkly and I love how they gracefully fall down the band—I could not have asked for a more gorgeous ring!

Congratulations again, Kristina and Jake! Thank you for choosing Sylvie Collection!


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