Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Amanda F.


How They Met

I worked at a bank and Ulisses would come in about once a week to make his deposits. I was instantly attracted to him and would giggle with my co-workers after he would leave, but never “went for it” since I felt that would be unprofessional. I later left that bank to work for another and never really crossed paths except for the occasional glimpse and walk-by at our local gym. One morning I saw him at a local coffee joint and exchanged a ‘Hello, how are you?’ and after that I decided to send him a Facebook request and it all went up from there when he accepted!

When She Knew He Was “The One”

I knew Ulisses was “the one” during our trip to Washington D.C. in April of 2016 to be “touristy” and see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. I get worked up very easily and you really know how well you work with a person when you travel and are together alone for several days in a row. From trying to navigate the confusing, windy roads of D.C., trying to find downtown parking, and simply being in a new place he had never been, and I only remember bits from my 8th grade trip, my anxiety was at an all time high. He never once reacted poorly towards me and was a voice of calm and reason. Anyone that can handle me at that level and bring me back down to Earth definitely needed to remain in my life forever!

The Proposal

ON A HELICOPTER! I was told earlier in the week that we were going to take a trip to Cincinnati and Ulisses was being secretive about what we would be doing other than ‘going for a ride’ and then dinner afterward. It’s not unlike us to randomly take mini escapes to nearby towns, so I was only just a little suspicious as to what he was up to. However, I get motion sickness, so when we were about an hour from our ‘ride,’ he gave me some Dramamine and told me that I needed to take it because we were going on a helicopter. At that moment, I knew this FINALLY had to be it! I was soon distracted by the views once we were in the air, and about 10 minutes into the ride, he told me to look over his way and there it was- my beautiful Sylvie ring being held by the person I choose to be with forever!


The Ring

I’ve always love the tiny details that are done with purpose and intention. The flawless execution of all the little things sets Sylvie apart from the rest! I can easily spot the Sylvie Collection in any jewelry store buy their wonderful styling.

I fell in love with the S1524 in rose and white gold with a cushion cut diamond. The way the band spirals up to the diamond is so different from anything I’ve seen, and it has just the right touch of rose gold! I love how unique and well styled it is. Everyone that sees it comments on how awesome the two-tone twist/spiral is! The pave diamonds have so much sparkle and are of exceptional quality.

Say Yes

I say yes to new experiences, to living life with a full heart and a smile. It’s amazing once you start habitually saying “Yes” the doors of opportunity and excitement open!

From the Groom

“What I love most about my Sylvie Bride is that she is always there for me no matter what life throws at us, and everyday we are together it is nothing but love and happiness. Never a dull moment together!”

Congratulations Ulisses and Amanda! Sylvie Collection wishes you both the best!


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