Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Morgan S.

Meet another one of our beautiful Sylvie Brides, Morgan! Her and Phillip’s love story dates back all the way to the beginning of their college careers, where the couple first met in class and felt an instant connection.

How They Met

Phillip and I met nine years ago, early on in college. We had a few classes together one semester. One day, I was gathering my books after class ended, and Phillip came straight up to me and introduced himself. I just remember thinking, “Wow, he’s cute!”. He suggested we study together sometime, and three months later we started dating. The rest is pretty much history!

When She Knew He Was “The One”

Honestly, after being together almost a decade, it’s hard to remember that far back. We’re not the average couple – we dated for over 7 years before Phillip finally popped the question. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way – the timing worked perfectly for us! We both graduated college, kick-started our careers, bought a house together and have traveled the world; and it feels as though our life together is still just beginning. We’ve been married since October 2017 and had our honeymoon in Iceland.

The Proposal

We had a group of friends over at our house to celebrate Phillip’s birthday. A few hours into the night, he called everyone into the kitchen to do a celebratory birthday shot. Phillip started giving a speech about how happy he was to have everyone there and, a few minutes in, he turned toward his best friend who then handed him a box from his pocket. Next thing I knew, he was proposing! Phillip never gets nervous, but he was at that moment – so much so, that he handed me the box without even opening it or taking the ring out.

A bonus was that my best friend secretly recorded the entire speech and proposal, so we’ll always have that memory. I was so surprised that night; I never would have expected him to propose on his birthday but now that day is extra special for us!

The Ring

I was happily surprised with my Sylvie ring that Phillip selected. He purchased the ring at Global Diamonds in Jacksonville, FL and said that as soon as he saw the ring, he immediately knew it was the one. My ring is style S1475, a white-gold cushion halo with diamonds cascading down the band.

I absolutely love the timelessness of my ring. I know that even on our 50th wedding anniversary, I’ll love it’s sparkle and radiance just as much as I do now.

Congratulations, Morgan and Phillip! We at Sylvie Collection are so happy for you both!

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