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Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Robyn M.

Congratulations to our Sylvie Bride Robyn! Read all about how she and John met, how he proposed, and Robyn’s striking, customized Sylvie engagement ring!

How They Met

We met at a quaint little wine bar on the south side of town, on a crisp Wednesday evening in October, where we talked for 3 hours about philosophy, history (specifically Genghis Khan), and what we were looking for in a life partner. Our age difference is a bit bigger than most couples, but at the end of the day it’s really just a number, and our connection was undeniable!

When She Knew He Was “The One”

We had only been dating for 10 days when the sudden opportunity arose for me to a rescue a dog that was six hours away. Without missing a beat, John rearranged his plans so he could keep me company on the road. Call it intuition, but that trip made me realized how genuine and kind John is, and how fulfilled I felt just being around him. I have never met someone quite like him; he is a partner in the truest sense of the word.

The Proposal

It wasn’t anything big or lavish—it was just “us.” We were sitting on the couch, sipping coffee in our robes, and John turned to be and said, “I’m really happy, I could do this for a really long time. But I only want to do it with you.” And I replied, “Only if you can do it forever, Buddy!”


The rest is pretty much history!

The Ring

While browsing our jeweler’s website (J. Keith’s in Lubbock, Texas), I found myself repeatedly gravitating towards Sylvie Collection. I have a bit of a love affair with anything art-deco, especially when it comes to jewelry, and this particular ring from Sylvie really fit the bill.

My ring is the S111. Instead of a diamond as the center stone, we went with a 2.5 carat cushion-cut mint-green moissanite that I had acquired a few years prior. We knew we wanted to use it as the setting! This ring and stone were made for one another—it is bold yet delicate, and I’ve never seen a ring quite like this one.


Congratulations again, Robyn and John! We wish you the very best.

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