When Should I Take My Engagement Ring Off?

Once that stunning engagement ring slides onto your finger, it’s nearly impossible to want to take it off! The ring symbolizes the love you and your partner share, and your everlasting commitment to one another. So when is it a good time to leave the sparkler off and at home? We understand your desire to share—and maybe even flaunt a bit—this engagement emblem to the world; still, with great power comes great responsibility, and with a beautiful and valuable diamond comes caring for and maintaining its natural sparkle. In this week’s blog, we look at when is the best time to take off your engagement ring, so as to avoid possibly losing or damaging it.

Working Out

Before heading to the gym to pump some iron, it’s best to leave your ring at home. Metals like platinum and gold are subject to softening over time because of their malleability, so wearing a ring with a platinum or gold setting might alter the band’s shape and color. Additionally, if the prongs holding the diamond in place somehow bend, the diamond could easily fall out without you even noticing. So, whether you’re hitting the gym or pool, or running outdoors, place your precious ring in a nice bed of cushioned foam, and enclose it in a ring box—you’ll thank yourself later!


There are two reasons why you shouldn’t wear your ring in the shower. First, the soap can loosen the ring to where it slides down your finger and washes down the drain. Second, shampoos, shower gels, and other bathing products can cause the diamond to lose its original sparkle and appear cloudy. Even though jewel polish is relatively affordable, why add an unnecessary expense to your budget when you can simply take off your ring?


Most people forget to take off their ring(s) before heading to bed, which is also why they might complain about a loose or lost center stone. While sleeping, the prongs on your ring can easily catch in the sheets and bend. This can make your diamond’s setting loosen and fall out at any time, not to mention that on top of a damaged ring, you’ll have tears in your sheets!


First, if you lose such a precious possession in the sand or water, chances of finding it are slim to none. Additionally, sand can easily wedge in between the prong gaps, halos, or the smaller cascading diamonds along the band, which would be time-consuming to clean out afterwards. The salt water can also dull and cloud an otherwise perfect, iridescent diamond ring. Besides, you want to have some fun in the sun without worrying about ruining your engagement ring!

Getting Ready

If you didn’t already know, perfumes, hairsprays, and other cosmetics contain chemicals that can create grime buildup and dull your diamond’s natural shine. We also advise taking your ring off for when you apply lotions and moisturizers. The buildup of oils and lotions can diminish the ring’s brilliance over time, so make sure your hands fully dry before putting your ring back on. A diamond ring that doesn’t sparkle is like a sun that doesn’t shine! Be careful with your rare jewelry—and just in general— when primping and pampering for any event. Of course, don’t forget to put that gorgeous rock back on your finger before leaving the house!

Cleaning or Washing

If you routinely clean the carpets, wash your car, or wipe down the kitchen, make sure that your ring is off and put away before doing so—especially if your ring contains a colored gemstone such as a sapphire, ruby, or emerald, which can dull from the chemicals found in many cleaning products! Whatever tasks you may have that require using your hands, you’ll want to ensure that your rings and other pieces of jewelry are safely stowed away so that when you return to them, they are as bright and shimmering as ever!

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