The Best Christmas Gifts for Her

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, fiance, girlfriend, daughter, mother or a girl you have a crush on, here are our top picks that will beat the boring flower and card combo. With these foolproof Christmas gifts for her, we assure you that you will hit the mark and receive gushing appreciation and a lot of love in return.

Diamond Fashion Jewelry

Regardless of their age or their relation to you, this is a gift that will pay off. Believe that the second you buy a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry, you have secured your place as a person who gives good presents on Christmas. Our stylist at the Sylvie collection loves the festive Chic Angular Diamond Ear Climbers and the eye-catching Heart-Shaped Yellow Gold Diamond Ring as  wonderful Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, wife or mother. Trying to find something for your annoying, but adorable little sister or cousin? We suggest a stylish or a trendy Free Form Diamond Fashion Ring.


Makeup Geek

Finding a Christmas gift for her when she loves makeup can sound deceptively simple, but whenever you go online or even enter a Sephora outlet you are presented with so many choices that you either get confused or give up entirely and settle on gift cards. However, for a personalized special gift to a makeup lover, choose one of the makeup sets that almost all brands launch near Christmas. Try to find if she loves nail paints more or lipsticks or another makeup item more than anything else, and buy a makeup collection featuring her favorite product.

A Warm Gesture

One the best-cherished Christmas gifts are the warm and soft sweaters, gloves, coats or beanies that can help her remain warm throughout the winter. It is a useful present that will pay off in the cold weather. Choose something in a festive color, such as red with high-quality fabric, such as cashmere.

A Carry On

For a woman, who has a whole closet in her home dedicated to bags, this is probably the best Christmas gift for her. Choose a leather bucket bag that is all the rage nowadays or choose a funkier more edgy drawstring pouches or graffiti featured bags. If you are looking for a safer option, choose leather, monochromatic bag. If you want to buy a bag for someone who is adventurous and trendy, the sky is the limit, as there are countless options in the market!

A Pair of Sunglasses

For someone who doesn’t like to squint in the sun and who religiously slathers on sunscreen whenever they step out in the sun, this is the perfect gift for her. Being serious about sun protection is no joke and even during the cold months following Christmas, sunglasses offer a style statement that is unarguably a dominant part of your outfit. Choose an oversized pair of glasses for her in nude, dark, or a bright color like lime green or neon yellow.

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