Travelling with Jewelry: How to Keep It Safe & Organized


From booking tickets to your desired destination to arranging accommodations and activities, traveling almost always requires extensive planning. Packing your jewlery in particular often bears the burden of careless packing and placement; necklaces become knotted and tangled, earrings fall into unreachable crevices, and rings are subject to easily slip, fall off, or be forgotten when going through airport security. Such sad fates for such precious items, but with a bit more self-care and preparation, your personal jewelry can easily travel and stay with you.


Whether road tripping with the girls or honeymooning with your hubby, you’ll want to make your jewelry is packed neatly and safely. We’re offering some advice on how to best travel with your jewelry!


Before packing, narrow down which jewelry items to take and which ones to leave behind. If you’re worried about particularly valuable items like engagement rings or precious stones, perhaps leave them behind this time around, unless you’re sure you’ll have access to a safe. Otherwise, you’re on vacation and vacations are stress-free, you don’t want to waste time worrying about losing your jewelry, do you? Such pieces have high monetary and sentimental values that potentially losing them will not only break your heart but also quite possibly your bank!


However, don’t leave EVERYTHING behind. Some might say that jewelry is what makes the outfit, so bring along some simple yet stunning statement pieces. This could be a classy pendant, or some small studded earrings you can leave in the whole time!


So, you’ve chosen the jewelry you want to take, but now the task at hand is how you’re going to safely and securely pack them. Much to our surprise, we found that some everyday items can be quite handy to securely pack your valuable jewelry! Keep reading below to find out!


Socks are a great way to store valuable rings and any dangling earrings. Since you will be packing socks anyways, why not make the most of the accessory by hiding your valuables in them too? It’s also a good idea in the event of a burglary (which of course, we hope doesn’t happen!).

Lip Balm Containers

Empty lip balm containers make great storing spaces for all kinds of jewelry. They can efficiently hold pendants, earrings and rings, and since most come with a seal-able lid you won’t have to worry about them falling out! Keep them in your purse or cosmetic bag for a quick and easy retrieval.

Contact Lens Cases

Small and super-convenient, these also make great hiding spots for your invaluable pieces such as a diamond engagement ring or wedding bands. They can even store small earring studs!

Drinking Straws

Worried about tangled pendants? You won’t be any more after we disclose this fitting and affordable hack to keep them from twisting. All you have to do is thread one end of the chain into the straw and securely lock it from the other end. That way your pendants will remain tangle-free and ready to be worn at a moment’s notice.

TicTac Boxes

Stop throwing them away in the bin as they make for a great resource to keep your jewelry in place. You can store multiple pairs of diamond earrings with ease in them and pop them in your purse like a lip balm container.

Index cards

Got a stack of old business cards lying around the house? Putt them to use by using them as your earring holder. Simply push through the end of the earring into the card and secure it with the back screw from the other end. That way, you won’t have to worry about them getting misplaced and search through your luggage.


Have you dealt with misplaced back screws on your favorite earrings before? Do you want to keep them safe this time around? How about threading them through buttons from formal shirts you no longer wear? Doesn’t that sound like a genius hack?

Pill Containers

Empty pills container can also be used to store pendants, earrings, chain-link bracelets and diamond rings.

Eyeglasses Cases

Use your not-in-use glasses container to securely carry your gold or diamond bracelets with you. They don’t take up much space in the luggage yet makes for a speedy retrieval when you need to wear one.


We hope you got the inspiration you were looking for and will use these tips to organize your personal jewelry the next time you go vacationing. Happy and safe travels!

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