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#Trending: Video Marketing Tips

Proposal season is ahead of us and that means it’s time to implement your video marketing strategies. Videos are the new selling point, so now more than ever it is so important to utilize platforms and features such as, Instagram Stories and Snapchat. If you need some tips on how to incorporate video marketing, stick with us!

With video marketing at the top of its game, utilizing platforms such as, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, & Snapchat is essential to your online success. Videos allow you to interact with your audience in the most relatable way. Through videos, your audience is able to see what you’re selling in live action. They can determine the quality of the craftsmanship up close and personal. For jewelry retailers, it is especially important to utilize platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & YouTube because an engagement ring or a wedding band always looks better when it sparkles live. One of the best parts of video, is being able to show in detail the top features of your said products instead of just talking about them. For instance, for jewelry, you can show how much it sparkles, pick out details that you might not notice in a photo, & go into more detail about matching bands and metals.


As of May 2018, Facebook Stories has garnered over 150 million daily active users, Instagram stories have reached 300 million and Snapchat sits in the middle at 200 million. Stories are the new way for businesses to grow their online presence, build brand awareness on and offline, and strengthen their relationship with their audience. On stories, Facebook & Instagram alike, you want to create content that is engaging, utilize the live feature for instant videos, add custom links and swipe up links to products, track analytics for demographic information, and so much more.

Instagram & Facebook Stories

Instagram & Facebook LIVE

There are so many influencers out there creating content everyday, but as a brand you bring something different to the table. You aren’t mentioning the same products as most, you are the sponsor. You are showing organic content and sharing engagement rings that are unique to your own store. It’s so important to note that you can grasp the attention of your viewers in a different way. You can use your unique touch by creating a backdrop set for your videos or sharing a Ring of the Week. Demos, Q&A’s, styles and shapes of the month, are all great ideas to share as a jewelry retailer on these platforms. The ideas are endless when it comes to incorporating the video element.


With videos, you can create a series or do giveaways – maybe you can offer special offers or promotions. As a jewelry retailer, you can even do live streams of testimonials in store or stream events. You can focus on a different jewelry brand each week or even post a ring on Instagram stories for more details provide a swipe up link. Another great marketing tip: when utilizing these platforms you can save these videos and live streams to your highlights. Audiences won’t miss your live stream because the video is stored in the highlights you specify. It is a great platform to have new and engaging content ready that your audience will never miss. Of course, incorporating all aspects of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. is super important to build your online presence.

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So, if you’re looking to feature videos on YouTube, Instagram Story, or Facebook Live, we hope this helped you out! Especially with proposal season in full swing, it is important more than ever to show your viewers and readers that are you are active on all platforms and are incorporating video marketing strategies. We have to change with the times and this is definitely a step in the right direction!

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