Tired of the halo trend? Try the floral halo instead!

Tired of the halo trend? Try the floral halo instead!

Tired of the halo trend? Try the floral halo instead!One of the hottest trends in engagement rings right now is the floral halo engagement ring. This type of diamond engagement ring offers a unique look for any woman that wants a traditional diamond ring on her finger, yet still wants to flaunt her own personality and style. The differences in this type of diamond engagement ring compared to other engagement rings is that these have a center diamond surrounded by a band of smaller diamonds, which creates a halo effect. Other types do not have the halo effect. The design of the floral halo is one mimics the shape of various kinds of flowers.

The center diamond is typically a large round diamond. There are some halo rings that have a square cut diamond too. The diamonds placed in the halo around the center diamond accentuate its sparkle. This effect is created by the floral halo design which reflects light back to the center diamond. If you have not seen this style of diamond engagement ring yet, be prepared to have your breath taken away.Tired of the halo trend? Try the floral halo instead!
Floral halo diamond engagement rings are gorgeous and one of the most sought after designs today. Any woman that wants a traditional stone with a halo around it will love the extra care and attention given to small details in these uniquely designed halo rings.The circle of diamonds also makes the center diamond appear larger too. A man will certainly be rewarded by seeing the sparkle of joy and pleasure in their beloved’s eyes when they pop the question and by offering this type of engagement ring today.

Designer Sylvie Levine used flowers to inspire her newest floral designs in her latest spring collection. Her award-winning design S1085 is inspired by the hibiscus, S1089 is inspired by the lily and S1102 is inspired by the cherry blossom.

Sylvie Collection

The Sylvie Collection is designed by a woman for a woman. Created by designer Sylvie, this namesake collection has been inspired by her love of diamonds and celebrates femininity and romance. It is timeless, with modern sensibilities. Every woman who wears a Sylvie ring is an individual, with her own personality and unique sense of style. That is why Sylvie Collection is known for flexibility and every ring can be customized to fit her style and taste, allowing it to become a personal symbol of her passion. There are thousands of settings that can be customized in any size, shape, or cut and always in platinum, and 14 and 18K white, yellow or rose gold.

Tired of the halo trend? Try the floral halo instead!