Types of Engagement Rings and What They Mean

There are various ring styles when it comes to picking out an engagement ring. Each style has its own highs and lows. For instance, some look great while others are a little heavy on the hand. The ideal way to choose an engagement ring is to do so based on your personality type. If you are outgoing or fashionable, a halo or vintage engagement ring might attract you the most. If you are a traditionalist at heart, engagement rings like the solitaire or three-stone rings might suit you the best.

Each engagement ring style says something about you. Therefore, if you want to make the right choice, explore all the options first.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire engagement ring is the most popular and common engagement ring design. Did you know that 75% of all diamond engagement rings sold are solitaire engagement rings? Their simplicity is what makes them unique. Most solitaire rings have a single center stone mounted on a metal band. Solitaire rings speak of elegance and are considered a timeless piece.

Variations can be opted for. One can choose a different metal, gemstone, size of the centre stone or set on a narrow or wide band.

If you choose a solitaire ring as your engagement ring, it means that you are a classic, traditional bride at heart and you love all things simple. You follow all the traditions of a classic wedding. You may even wear your mother’s gown down the aisle.

Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage jewelry has become the talk of the town with its intricate craftsmanship and nostalgic charm. Long-lasting and sturdy techniques have been used to mold the metal into different shapes for engraving and scroll work. This makes them durable and beautiful. The vintage engagement rings remind one of old times and the love stories associated with the rings. Because they have been passed on from generation to generation, they are more personal than anything.

Women who are truly romantic at heart or inspired by movies like the Great Gatsby or Gone with the Wind, fall in love with intricate and detailed masterpieces. It is the perfect combination of something old, something borrowed and something new.

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings feature an encapsulated center stone by a band of pave diamonds (or micro pave diamonds) on all sides, accentuating its size and appearance. The surrounding diamonds have reflective light properties and thus make the center stone shine brighter no matter what gemstone is set. There are a number of variations on the ring such as a double or triple halo, depending on what the couple desires.

If you want a halo ring as your diamond engagement ring, we assume you are trendy and have a great taste for fashion.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Three-stone rings allow two sides stones to be set on both sides of the center stone. These can either be of the same size or smaller. A three-stone engagement ring symbolizes a couple’s past, present and future. In general, the center stone is set slightly higher than the other two side stones to give the ring some depth.

Three-stone rings are again for those brides who love to stay true to their roots, who value their relationship and every memory associated with it. If you were given a three-stone ring by your fiancé, know that he loves you the same every passing day.

Split shank

A split shank engagement ring is the one in which the shank splits as it closes to the centre stone. The separation allows for the ring to appear more proportionate in case of a large centre stone, It allows some cleavage between the ring and the finger and extra glitzy thanks to the band of diamonds that are set onto the split. The smaller cut diamonds on the split reflect light, making the centre stone appear bigger than it already is. There are many variations, such as a wide or narrow band, the number of splits and its depth.

Brides who wish to opt for a split shank ring are trendy and chic and do not immediately take to more traditional designs. It is also a favorite among couples who don’t want to overspend on the centre stone and would rather spend on the side diamonds to add more definition to the ring.


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