One for You, One for Me. How to Choose Unique Wedding Bands.

Choosing Unique Wedding Bands for You and Your Husband

If you have a diamond engagement ring that you simply adore and makes you look forward to sporting a diamond wedding band that is both elegant and unique, then you carefully need to select a diamond wedding band that is customized according to your needs and preferences. You can choose a unique wedding band for you and your husband that matches and complements each other or is completely different from one another.


There is no hard and fast rule regarding unique wedding band, and it is a ritual that is centuries old but is still embedded deeply in our traditional values. Many cultures support the double ring tradition, in which a bride wears her diamond engagement ring with her diamond wedding band. Most couples decide to get complementary or matching unique wedding band sets for one of three reasons, namely that you and your loved one has similar tastes and are a match made in heaven or that buy exchanging your diamond wedding band, you will become a single cohesive unit that respects traditions.

However, if you do decide to go a separate route with your diamond wedding band, it’s not a faux pas, because this way you can celebrate your individuality. Choose a ring that suits your skin tone, personality, personal style and preferences and can help you  avoid any complicated situation in which you have to pressure your spouse to choose matching bands that they simply don’t like! Remember a diamond wedding band is something that you will wear for the rest of your life, every hour of every day. Therefore, loving it is essential if you want to cherish it too.

Here are a few things that you need to think about, before making a trip to your trusted jewelers, to buy your unique wedding band.

Choose the band metal. Although gold is a traditional choice, like our Bezel Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Band, platinum unique wedding bands, like Classic Milgrain Detail Diamond Wedding Band for women have become quite common. Men’s unique wedding bands have taken a more contemporary turn and diamond wedding bands are now available in unique metals such as titanium and tungsten.

Think about the color. Do you want a yellow, rose, black or white gold diamond wedding band? Yellow gold diamond wedding band is traditional, but if you are edgy and adventurous and want to celebrate your modern, eclectic nature, choose white, rose or gray tungsten metals, like our amazing Unique Modern Stackable Diamond Wedding Band, Prong Set Double Row Yellow Diamond Band and Multiple Pave Pink Sapphire Band. Any of these choices can be spectacular and stunning.

A unique wedding band can come in two finishes, a high-polished finish, like our spectacular Classic Braided Wedding Band or a satin or matte finish that have a softer appearance and can suffer through years of wears, tears and scratches easily.

Like a diamond engagement ring, a diamond wedding band can also be decorated with a gemstone of your choice. You can go the timeless route and choose a diamond, like the Diamond Eternity Band, or if your unique engagement ring features a colored gemstone, then choosing a matching unique wedding band, like our Classic Round Brilliant Diamond And Pink Sapphire Band, is preferable, as it will complete the diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding band set.

Design is crucial when you are designing your diamond wedding band. A unique wedding band design is primarily dependent on the design of your diamond engagement rings. However, for men it can go either way. If your unique engagement ring is contemporary and modern, choose a simple modern design and if it is a vintage engagement ring, then choose a matching diamond wedding band.

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