Valentine’s Day Proposal: Not Just Hearts Anymore

The heart motif has been synonymous with St. Valentine’s Day since at least the 17th Century, when it became a popular symbol of love and devotion between ardent Victorian men and women. The Victorians celebrated this day in earnest, as always, dressing their heart-riddled valentines up in decorative ribbons.

The depiction of the heart to represent love has endured — decorating everything from wedding invitations to anniversary cakes to sweetheart rings. In fact, the heart-cut diamond still becomes especially popular during the month of February, for those hopeful suitors who’ve chosen St. Valentine’s Day to launch a romantic proposal.

But the modern bride-to-be has nearly unlimited choices in cut and setting. And while heart-cut diamonds will never completely lose their place in the St. Valentine’s Day marriage proposal, newer, more-daring cuts and settings are quickly gaining ground:

East-West or Horizontal Setting

The East-West or horizontal setting simply features a stone set on its side. Marquise-cut stones look exquisite when displayed in an East-West setting, so do emerald cuts. Even cushion- and oval-cut stones are magnificent and especially eye-catching when mounted on the horizontal.

Mixed-Shape Stones

Multi-stone rings give the bride-to-be the opportunity to showcase more than one favorite cut. Mixed-shape rings, just as the name implies, feature several stones of various cuts. A single ring might contain both marquise- and round-cut stones surrounded by pave diamonds.

Fancy Colored

Colors aren’t just for informal occasions anymore. Fancy colored diamonds and clear diamonds surrounded by semi-precious gems, such as amethyst or ruby, make a stunning statement — especially for a February engagement. Many contemporary brides prefer colorful stones that reflect their youth and vitality.

We have every cut and setting that the modern bride-to-be covets, so plan your proposal accordingly and remember — Valentine’s Day isn’t only about hearts anymore.

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