Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Thinking of taking your S.O. on a romantic date this Valentine’s Day? Your first thought might be dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a spontaneous weekend getaway. While Valentine’s Day is a time to pull out all the stops and do something special for your sweetheart, it doesn’t have to burn a huge hole in your wallet! There are tons of fun and inexpensive (even free!) options for you and your Valentine to enjoy—after all, you’ll be together and that’s what’s most important!

We’ve come up with some great ideas that don’t involve reservations or dishing out the “dough”. They’re fun, romantic, and don’t come at too high of a price!

1. Karaoke Night

What’s better than dancing and singing to your favorite songs without being judged? Even if you or your partner don’t have the most melodious of voices, it will still turn out to be a fun and memorable night! Most bars host karaoke nights on Valentine’s Day, so it won’t be too hard to find one.

2. Go Ice-Skating

You don’t have to be Michelle Kwon to put on some ice skates! Most ice rinks charge a practical fee of $10-$20 for renting a pair of skates. You can also search on Groupon to find tons of great deals on ice skating—perhaps they’ll even have a Valentine’s special! Plus, it will give you and your S.O. something to laugh about if either of you takes a spill on the ice!

3. Take a Boat Ride

If your better half is a crazy Nicholas Sparks fan, there is no date idea better than an intimate boat ride, just the two of you. Many national parks offer boat rides at a nominal fee and even allow feeding the ducks. What’s more romantic than that?

4. Cook-in Contest

Want to try something other than dining out and put your cooking skills to the test? How about arranging for a cook-at-home Master-Chef-themed contest? Of course, you won’t have Gordon Ramsay there to judge, but how about taking on some of his most famous dishes and DIY-ing them with a twist! This is something both fun and challenging and could be a great experience for you and your Valentine!

5. Spa-Day

Feel like staying in and doing something other than watching Netflix? All you need are some scented candles, soothing music, and a bottle of your favorite wine. Turn your home into a soothing spa, where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company without the pressures of dressing up. Good quality spa materials are easy to find at places like Walgreens, Target or CVS, and they aren’t that expensive either! By the end of the evening, you’ll both feel relaxed and invigorated, and glad that you opted for a cozy night in.

6. Picnic in the Park

Should the weather permit it, gather some of your favorite foods and a bottle of champagne and take the celebratory Valentine’s Day meal outdoors! Find a spot in a nearby park—perhaps you already have one—and picnic to your heart’s content! Take this time to catch up with another, and if the sun is out, play some frisbee or soccer to lighten up the occasion!

7. Go Hiking

Got a partner who loves everything nature? Perhaps a good, long hike is the perfect date for you both! It can be challenging, but at the same time very relaxing and rewarding as you explore nature and push each other to reach the top. End your trek by picnicking somewhere along the trail (or by the lake if there is one), and enjoying each other’s company in a beautiful, natural setting.

8. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

How about visiting a place that holds a special meaning for you both? Perhaps it’s the first restaurant you ate at together or where you first met/kissed. Take a drive to all these cherished spots and reminisce about the good times, and the ones that are still to come.

9. Volunteer Together

Why not give back on Valentine’s Day instead of giving something to each other? Find a local pet shop, food bank, or other charity that holds significance for you, and see about volunteering there. Not only will you build character, but you will also appreciate doing something good with your S.O., and feel a sense of generosity and satisfaction. It’s totally free and everyone benefits in the end!

10. Get Crafty

Want to do something unique and fun without spending a fortune? How about taking a pottery, dance, or painting class together? These are all fun-filled activities that will allow you to explore your creative sides while you enjoy spending time together. As mentioned earlier, check Groupon for promos or specials that will help you get discounts on these activities! Perhaps there’s a Valentine’s special you don’t know about!

Find something on here you’re dying to do with you S.O.? We know that whatever you end up doing on this day of love, it will be fun and romantic because you two will be together, regardless.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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