Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Are you thinking of proposing to your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day?

You’re obviously looking for ideas and we’ve got some lined up for you.

Let Her Choose Her Ring!

So how many of you have watched Sweet Home Alabama? Sometimes it’s the movies that give us great ideas for real life experiences. This one is straight out of the movie, when Andrew Hennings takes his girlfriend Melanie Smooter to the jeweler where he asks her to pick her own diamond engagement ring! Well Andrew was a reigning millionaire in the movie so he was open to any ring Melanie picked.

You can pick out a few rings that you feel are suitable for your soon-to-be fiancée’s choice and fit your budget too. Take her to the jewelers casually on your way back home after a dinner date and make her pick a ring out of your selection!

The Cute Photobooth

This one’s for those of you who’d like to keep the proposal cute and spontaneous. Go out for a casual date on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy a meal at your favorite place. Take a walk back home. Stop by at a mall for a last minute purchase you just remembered. Pull her into a photo-booth for some quirky pictures and pop the question while the camera clicks away. You’ll not only have a cute proposal but great candid caught-in-the-moment pictures of your fiancée’s reaction. Priceless!

A Vacation Maybe

If you plan to propose your girl anytime soon, might as well just postpone your vacations plan until Valentine’s Day. A romantic getaway to somewhere you’ve both wanted to go for so long is the perfect time to ask her to be your wife.  Make the trip a celebration. An ideal time to propose would be when your flight to the destination takes off, or ask her when you land at the destination, or maybe on your first morning after reaching the destination while together enjoying a hearty breakfast in bed.

This idea will work well especially when you’re never too enthusiastic about planning romantic getaways. You can disguise the plan as a short business trip or a destination wedding you’re invited to.

The Memory Lane

Spare a weekend and take your girl on a trip down the memory lane. Visit the places where you have memories together, with the most recent ones coming first and the place where you met for the very first time saved till the very end – that’s where you propose her.

To spice things up a bit, try incorporating a little bit of scavenger hunt into the process. Don’t accompany her to all the places. Leave her hints that lead her to the places you want her to visit. Involve a few friends and family to help you with the idea. Make sure each place she visits has the most cherished memory of you two in that very place. Also, she’ll need a hint to the next place she’s got to visit. Lead her to the place you both first met – tell her what makes her so special for you and that you’d like to make more memories with her in your life together – then you propose!

Simple and Intimate

You don’t always have to go overboard with planning the perfect proposal. Sometimes things work best when kept simple. If you want to keep the proposal effortless yet meaningful, strike off fancy restaurants from the list. Hire a chef for the night and have a three course meal cooked at home. Don’t forget to get the flowers! Treat your woman to a fantastic meal and a romantic date night at home and round it up with a diamond engagement ring and your ultimate question “Will you marry me?”

Also, it might be a great idea not to wait till the Valentine’s Day to propose. Do it a day earlier – that will never have them suspecting a marriage proposal. Don’t forget to get the diamond engagement ring you want to propose her with!

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