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The Birthstone of August: Peridot

Say hello to August with this dazzling birthstone: Peridot! We’re welcoming August with this sparkling August birthstone of the month: Peridot! This sparkling gemstone is traditionally greenish in color, but can range from a yellowish green to a vivid bright green which pops for the summer. Our peridot gemstones can be worn with engagement rings, earrings, and even our stackable bands. This unique gemstone is said to bring good luck to those born in August. It is said to protect from feelings of fear and envy while providing divine inspiration and strength among those who wear it. A little history

Ruby Red Stackable Bands for July

Did you know that our ruby stackable bands make the best fashion bands? At the Sylvie Collection, we have a collection of modern ruby stackable bands that make the best birthstone gifts for the ladies born in July! These ruby red bands come in all metals from rose, white, to yellow gold and can be mixed and matched for the trendiest look! Whether you’re interested in stacking all the rubies or mixing them with an emerald or a sapphire, Sylvie has a ruby stackable band for everyone! We’re talking all about Sylvie’s favorite ruby red stackable bands for the month of July! We’re getting summer ready with

Emerald Stackable Bands for May

May is upon us & that means its the month of the emerald gemstone! One of our favorite ways to wear this deep green gemstone is in one of our stackable bands! They make gorgeous statement pieces especially when they feature a colored gemstone – the emerald definitely steals the show! As the birthstone for the month of May, we’re sharing all the details you need to know about this gorgeous dark green semi-precious stone! Named one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones in the world, the emerald can be found in Colombia, Brazil, Austria, Egypt, and Zimbabwe just to

Rose Gold Amethyst and Diamond Earring Giveaway

Make your Valentine’s Day the best one yet by entering to WIN our Diamond Earring Giveaway! Win this stunning rose gold amethyst and diamond earrings from the Sylvie Collection! ENTER TO WIN Contest runs until February 13th, 2019! On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, we will announce a winner on our Facebook and Twitter so stay tuned!   For more information about these beautiful engagement rings, please visit our website. For more information on finding the perfect diamond engagement ring, subscribe to our newsletter, or find a retailer near you. Looking for summer essentials, trends, and more? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Sapphire Engagement Rings Fit For a Winter Wonderland

Have you been thinking about which jewels to rock for the winter season? If so, we have the gemstones for you! At the Sylvie Collection, we’re saying Happy New Year with our favorite sparkling blue sapphire gems! The perfect match for a winter wonderland-esque new year – we’re definitely feeling the blue and white winter feels this January. Today we’re talking all about our stunning blue sapphire engagement rings that’ll complete your new year looks this season. If you’re here for all things blue, keep on reading for all things blue sapphire engagement rings! If you’re on the hunt for

The History of the Blue Sapphire

At the Sylvie Collection, we’re all about the diamonds, but this month it’s definitely all about the sapphire! The blue sapphire to be exact. Today we’re taking a look back into the history of our beautiful blue sapphires. We’ll let you in on a little knowledge about the sapphire itself, but let’s be honest you’re really here for all things blue! Keep on reading for all things sapphires. The sapphire represents integrity, honesty, and honor. For centuries, the stone embellished the clothing of royal men. The blue essence in a sapphire is of the highest of quality over other blue

Sylvie’s Ring of the Month is a Double Halo Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

 WELCOMING SEPTEMBER WITH SYLVIE’S RING OF THE MONTH, A STUNNING CLASSIC DOUBLE HALO ENGAGEMENT RING! This dazzling Double Halo Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring features a glamorous double halo of blue sapphires and diamonds. The white diamonds continue  on the shank for a total carat weight of 0.61. This round double halo blue sapphire engagement ring is beautiful for the start of the colder months! With its dazzling double halo, this blue sapphire engagement ring will bring the glitz and the glamour! This glamorous double halo engagement ring is perfect for a bride who is bold and thinks outside of the box!

Our Favorite Ruby Gem Stackable Bands for July

Happy July! Here’s to our Ruby ladies, our Cancers and Leos, a big Happy Birthday shout out to all of you! Today we’re talking all about Ruby Red Stackable Bands! July’s birthstone is a ruby, one of the four precious gemstones. The deep red stone represents strength, nobility, and signifies love and passion. This gemstone is said to bring you good luck and spread health and wisdom among those who wear it. As one of the most valuable gemstones, these Ruby Red Stackable bands are keepers! Sylvie women are strong, noble, and carry wisdom into everything they do! They are

March Birthstones: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

As early as time itself, people have associated each month with one or two specific birthstones. Claiming that each has a significant impact on the person’s personality born in that month. Whether it is true or not, this time, we are taking a look at the birthstone of those born in March. Surprisingly, people born in this month have two birthstones–What are those two march birthstones? They are Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Aquamarine – The March Birthstone Since many years, aquamarine has remained the symbol of love, unity, strength and fidelity. Capturing both the essence and color of the sky and

Celebrate September with your own Sapphire Ring!

September is here! And there’s no better way to celebrate the September sapphire birthstone than to give one away to our fans! Starting now until September 30th you’ll have a chance to win this ring! Simply click on the image below and enter to win! For more information on finding the perfect diamond engagement ring, join our newsletter by clicking here, or to find a retailer near you, click here. Looking for fashion trends, advice, and more? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!


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