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Our Top Picks for Halloween Couple Costumes 2018

It’s officially the best time of the year! Let’s face it, once October 1st hits, the wreaths go on the door and don’t be surprised if you hear some Christmas music playing. Now, we know its only the 1st so we’ll take it one holiday at a time. Halloween is up first! This is such a fun holiday because who doesn’t love playing dress up and eating sweets? Going to a Halloween party as a couple is the best opportunity to show your Halloween couple costume skills. If you’re bored with the same costumes of nurse/doctor and convict/police officer, then

The Great Gatsby & Vintage Style Jewelry

The novel “The Great Gatsby,” set in Long Island in 1922, is described as being about “decadence, idealism, and excess.” Certainly that era had a unique style about it, in everything from cars to clothing to music to jewelry. While “vintage” can describe any year or era, it is often applied to the 1920s because of the prosperity of the time and the enduring designs that emerged from those years. When it comes to jewelry, “vintage” evokes images of heirloom rings, earrings handed down from mother to daughter through generations, ornate brooches, and necklaces that often overshadowed the dresses they

The Pink Panther is Our Favorite Fictional Diamond

What is it about diamonds that fascinates us so? Is it their rarity, their beauty, their inner fire? Or in the case of famous diamonds, is it their history, their story, that draws us to them? In the case of the Pink Panther, the most famous fictional diamond, it’s definitely the story. This is a diamond that literally comes to life on screen when the diamond’s flaw, in the shape of a leaping panther, springs from the depths of the gem to introduce the movie. The catchy theme song, written by Henry Mancini, also helped the Pink Panther become a


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