Diamond Clarity

Diamonds are graded on their clarity. The diamond grading system was developed by the Gemology Institute of America. Diamond clarity is based on the number of blemishes and inclusions a diamond has. Inclusions are flaws that are inside the diamonds. Blemishes are the flaws found on the outside or surface of the diamond. Flawless diamonds means there are no inclusions or blemishes inside the diamond or on the surface of the diamond. Imperfect diamonds means there are inclusions or blemishes on the diamond that are visible to the naked eye and there are many diamond grades in between. Below is a diamond grades chart that shows the differences between diamond grades, inclusions in the diamond, and blemishes on the diamonds.  

Diamond GradesAlthough the F through SI diamond grades have an effect on the price, they do not effect the unmagnified appearance of the diamond in diamond engagement ring or other jewelry. Sylvie Collection does not offer anything less than (Sylvie to fill in grade) diamonds.


There are also different diamond ratings based on what organization is doing the diamond grading. Below you will find a chart for the diamond ratings of these different agencies and how they compare to the other organization’s diamond ratings.



Diamond ClarityThe diamond grading agencies are:
GIA – Gemology Institute of America
CIBJO – Confederation Internationale de la Bijouterie
AGS – American Gem Society
IDC – International Diamond Council
EGL – European Gemological Laboratory

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