Diamond Education | Bar Setting

What is a bar setting?

This bar setting is similar to the channel setting except that there are narrow bars of metal between each gem in the row of stones on the band of the ring. Although this setting is also popular in bracelets and necklaces, it can be just as beautiful in your custom Sylvie Collection engagement ring.

The band of diamonds that are each held in by a long thin bar shared between two stones is a great way to highlight each and every beautiful gem. This setting combines a contemporary and classic look. It exposes half of the center diamond allowing plenty of light to reach the diamond to exude great light performance and sparkle. The diamonds in the bar setting are also placed lower than in a channel or otherwise, making them less prone to getting snagged.

When designing your ring or looking through our timeless Sylvie Collection designs, you’ll find that the bar setting is a contemporary and linear design. As you peruse our other jewelry, you will also notice that this setting is often used in anniversary rings to hold several same-size diamonds in a row next to each other, just separated by metal bars.

As you choose your diamonds, metals or gemstones when creating your ring, keep in mind that the size and the number of stones depend on the design. Typically, this bar setting works better with higher quality diamonds than for a channel setting or pave setting since the stones are more central to the ring design. 

Here are some great tips to consider if you are leaning towards a bar setting:

  • Diamonds sit lower in the bar setting making them less prone to getting snagged, and making it a good option for people with active lifestyles.

  • The bar setting is the perfect combination of fashion and function, light performance and security and is a great blend of both traditional and modern ring designs.

  • It can be used with a variety of diamond shapes, but is most often used with a round brilliant diamond.