Diamond Education | Bezel Setting

What is a bezel setting?

For a modern design, consider the bezel setting, which features a center gem with a sleek and delicate band for a contemporary look. Whether your loved one is hands-on or hands-free in their daily lives, the bezel setting holds gems extremely securely, making it the perfect choice for those who lead active lifestyles. Due to it’s protective design, the bezel setting is also preferred when using stones that are softer such as opal, emerald, turquoise and other soft gems that score less than seven on the Mohs scale.

The beautiful metal of the elevated bezel allows for optimal light play allowing your custom Sylvie Collection engagement ring to shine with brilliance. The elevated bezel protects the edges of the gem and can even help hide inclusions if any exist. You can even design your engagement ring with a partial bezel setting, sometimes called a semi-bezel or half-bezel. In this setting, the rim of the bezel surrounds only a portion of the diamond, which still holds the diamond securely while allowing more of the stone to be seen.

Although it's a thin metal that surrounds the center diamond, the bezel setting still uses more metal than a minimalistic setting like channel or prong. This gives the illusion that the diamond is much larger than it actually is. Also, if you have an engagement ring in mind, but are unsure of the wedding band, then a bezel setting may be best as it accommodates a variety of wedding band styles that easily tuck underneath. 

Consider these tips about bezel settings when consulting with our trusted Sylvie Collection jewelry experts:

  • Bezel settings are very protective and may be best for those with active lifestyles.

  • The bezel gives the illusion that the diamond is much larger than it really is.

  • The bezel setting accommodates a variety of wedding band styles.