Diamond Education | Classic Engagement Rings

What are classic engagement rings?

For a truly traditional proposal, get on one knee with a classic style engagement ring in hand. Although classic in style, your custom Sylvie Collection engagement ring can stand out from the rest to match the woman who will wear it.

The classic style engagement ring is timeless and the simple beauty of this setting highlights the fire and sparkle of your center diamond, whichever cut you choose. The setting that best complements a classic style ring is the solitaire setting, which puts a lot of emphasis on the diamond. A simple prong setting, along with a solid white gold or platinum band will help your diamond shine with optimal brilliance. The most popular cuts to pair a classic style with are round brilliant, princess, marquise cushion, emerald, heart, pear and oval. As you can see, the style of a classic engagement ring is as versatile as it is simple, but not simplistic.

You can make the ring as traditional as you would like, for example, with a four-prong setting holding your round brilliant diamond upon a delicate band. You can even design it to be as modern as you like with a chic bezel-set diamond on a simple band or on a pave setting for more sparkle and shine.

Create a distinctly unique ring with help from our trusted Sylvie Collection diamond experts who keep these facts about the classic style engagement ring in mind:

  • Classic diamond rings are as romantic today to propose with as they were prior to the 20th century.

  • A classic style engagement ring is versatile and works great with a stunning range of natural color gemstones and diamonds of a variety of shapes.

  • It can vary slightly in width, allowing for maximum versatility when selecting a wedding band to compliment its timeless look.

  • The classic engagement ring showcases any shape diamond beautifully, while achieving a simple, elegant look.