Diamond Education | Cushion Cut Diamonds

What are cushion cut diamonds?

The Cushion cut diamond is the perfect marriage between a modern Oval Cut and an Old Mine Cut, which was once common in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The classic and romantic look of the Cushion cut diamond will definitely make it stand out from the popular Round Brilliant cuts of today.

Although the standard number of facets of a Cushion cut diamond is 58, like the Round Brilliant cut, the other standards for this cut vary more from its contemporary counterparts. The cut of a Cushion cut diamond is largely left to preference, making it easier to create your custom Sylvie Collection engagement ring. A length-to-width ratio of 1.00 to 1.05 will result in a square outline where as a 1.20 to 1.40 length-to-width ratio may seem more elongated to the naked eye.

There are even multiple variations of cuts, where Antique Cushion cut diamonds are known for their steeper crowns, smaller tables and larger cutlets. Those cuts with larger facets may have inclusions that are easier to see.

Whether you like more square designs or long rectangles, it is best to look for Cushion cut diamonds that have the highest clarity and color. Due to the large open facets of the Cushion cut diamond, a minimum color of H, clarity of VS2 and a very good cut may result in the highest level of brilliance, fire and scintillation normally found in Round Brilliant cut diamonds. If you are setting your ring in yellow gold, you may want to search for a Cushion cut with a color rating of J or K.

Step back in time with a Cushion cut diamond that still retains the contemporary and modern design so sought after today. The versatility of a Cushion cut diamond makes it perfect for your custom ring because the possibilities seem endless. It looks brilliant in a variety of settings including pave engagement rings, halos, split shanks, claw-style prongs and more.

When buying a Cushion cut diamond, keep these notes in mind:

  • There is a lot of variation in Cushion cut diamonds so personal preference trumps most technical cut measures.

  • Some Cushion cuts are cut to a greater depth so the stones may look smaller from the face up.

  • A very basic table and depth range for Modern Cushion cuts is 54-62 % table and 59-64% depth.