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Heart Shaped Diamonds

The Heart shaped diamond is an unmistakable symbol of love. As a modified Round Brilliant cut, Heart shaped diamonds come in a variety of silhouettes ranging from wide to narrow. A length-to-width ratio of 0.95 to 1.05 may result in the most distinguishable of heart shapes where 0.95 looks wide and the 1.05 may look narrower in shape.

This shape is a great way to distinguish your custom Sylvie Collection engagement ring from other popular cuts while still retaining the brilliant and fire of your stone. One of the most important design aspects of a Heart shaped design is symmetry. It is critical that the two halves of the diamond are identical and when they are, the Heart shape of the diamond stands out the most. For optimal symmetry, choose a stone with top arches that are even in height and width. A good quality Heart shaped diamond with a minimum color of H, a clarity of SI2 and a very good cut will shine with as much fire as you have in your own heart for your loved one.

Heart shape diamonds should be mounted in special settings with five prongs, two at the lobes of the heart, two on the sides of the heart, and a V-shaped prong to protect the point of the heart.

For smaller diamonds, generally less than 0.50 carats, a three prong setting or bezel setting will best preserve the Heart shape and make it stand out the most against your loved ones hands. It is often featured in a simple ring setting to accentuate its unique qualities.

Unlike a Pear shape diamond or Emerald cut diamond, a moderate “bow tie” formation at the center of the diamond can be beneficial as it gorgeously contrasts the brilliance and face up beauty of the diamond.

When shopping for a heart shaped diamond, consult one of our trusted Sylvie Collection diamond experts and keep these facts in mind:

  • The Heart shape is best viewed in a diamond larger than 0.50 carats.

  • For a small diamond, a bezel or three-prong setting will best showcase the heart’s unique shape.

  • A minimum color of H, clarity of SI2 and a very good cut will result in a good quality Heart shaped diamond.