Diamond Education | Marquis Shape Diamonds

What are marquis shape diamonds?

A modified brilliant cut, the Marquise cut is long and narrow, resembling the shape of a football. The Marquise cut creates the illusion of greater size, so it’s no wonder that those creating custom Sylvie Collection engagement rings plan to propose with a Marquise cut diamond. It is also popular because carat for carat, the Marquise cut diamond has one of the largest surface areas of any diamond shape, which means it maximizes perceived size.

The cut of this diamond was created to resemble the lips of Marquise of Pompadour by King Louis XIV. Little did the Marquise of Pompadour know that her title would lend itself to a diamond cut that is popular well into the 21st century. The timeless narrow design of the Marquise cut diamond, just like the Oval cut diamond or Pear cut diamond, can make the finger of the wearer appear longer and slimmer.

A length-to-width ratio of 1.75 to 2.15 will result in the most classic of Marquise cuts, where 1.75 will appear wider and a 2.15 diamond stone will appear narrower in design. Although the length or width is your preference, it is technically important to consider symmetry for the overall brilliance of a Marquise cut. The two end points should align with each other and the right and left sides should be identical to each other. An unsymmetrically cut diamond can result in an uneven Marquis cut so an excellent or very good symmetry is recommended. It is also extremely important to note the overall clarity and color of the diamond. Due to its boat shape, color and clarity are more apparent and should be of high quality to look its very best. With that in mind, the Marquis cut diamond is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a fancy cut color diamond that is sure to get a resounding, “yes!”

After you’ve found a perfectly symmetrical Sylvie Collection Marquis cut diamond, it’s time to consider settings. For a diamond as unique as a Marquis diamond, a solitaire setting will best show case its exquisite design.

Although the unique shape of the Marquis cut will easily be the center of attention, a trusted Sylvie Collection diamond expert can help you choose the perfect one for you keeping these facts in mind:

  • Color and clarity are more apparent in a Marquis cut diamond.

  • A length-to-width ratio of 1.75 to 2.15 will result in the most classic of Marquise cuts.

  • Marquise cut diamonds can help make fingers look longer and slimmer.

  • Marquis cut diamonds create the illusion of greater size.

  • Symmetry is an important aspect to consider when choosing the perfect diamond for your Sylvie Collection engagement ring.