Diamond Education | Oval Shape Diamonds

What are oval shape diamonds?

The contours and outlines of a diamond have a significant impact on its appearance. Although most consider the round brilliant cut because of its proportionate contouring, other diamond cuts have been gaining in popularity as well. An oval diamond is cut with the same number of facets as a round brilliant diamond and emits nearly the same level of brilliance and fire. Its oval and elongated shape can make it appear larger than a round brilliant diamond of equal carat weight as well.

Oval diamonds come with a length to width ratio, an important factor in selecting your oval cut diamond. A great length to width ratio means a diamond will appear skinnier and longer where as a lower length to width ratio means the diamond is more circular. By comparison, a round brilliant cut diamond has a length to width ratio of one. Most people prefer a length to width ratio of 1.30 to 1.70, with 1.70 being narrower than a 1.30, which would look more round.

An oval cut stone may exhibit something called a “bow-tie” effect, where due to its cut, a small bow-tie like shape may appear in the middle of the stone, going outwards. This is effect is most common in oval diamonds that fall between length to width ratios of 1.55 to 1. Oval cut stones are also prone to showing color, so it may be best to select a stone with an H color or higher.

If you are selecting from our collection of expertly designed oval diamond engagement rings, or are choosing an oval diamond for your custom Sylvie Engagement ring, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Oval diamonds can appear larger—an average one carat oval diamond has 10 percent larger surface area than an average one carat round diamond.

  • Since they follow the shape of the finger, they can make fingers look more slender—oval may be the best bet if your partner has small hands or short fingers.

  • Oval diamonds exude nearly the same brilliance as round brilliant diamonds but are more unique in shape and style.

  • As oval cut diamonds show color easier than others, it may be best to select a stone with an H color rating or higher.