Diamond Education | Pear Shape Diamonds

What are pear shape diamonds?

Although there is a timeless elegance to pear shaped diamonds, they are also vintage in design with each telling a unique story. A variation to the Round Brilliant, pears are shaped like their namesake fruit, rounded on one end with a tapering point on the other.

The teardrop shape of the Pear cut elongates the finger so it sets beautifully on any hands of any size and shape. The Pear cut sits beautifully not just in rings but in pendants and earrings as well so whether you’re creating a custom Sylvie Collection engagement ring or choosing from a variety of jewelry, it’s hard to go wrong with this design.

There are some technical details to keep in mind when seeking the perfect Pear cut diamond. A general length-to-width ratio of 1.5 to 1.75 is ideal for Pear Cuts. Closer to 1.5 and you’ll get a wider Pear cut where as a ratio closer to 2.0 will result in a narrower Pear cut diamond.

They also can show color and inclusions more than other fancy shapes so it is best to avoid excessively deep or shallow stones. That being the case, an H color or higher can help ensure that the Pear cut will shine beautifully. A Pear cut diamond will look most white when set in white gold or platinum. If you prefer a yellow gold setting, a color rating of J or K can be just as stunning. A SI2 clarity or SI1 clarity can help ensure that most inclusions are not seen by the naked eye. Although the Pear cut hides inclusions well, it’s the depth of the center of the stone that is prone to visible inclusions.

When you’re looking for the perfect Pear cut, these characteristics about this unique shape may help you narrow your choices:

  • Pear cuts generally look larger from the face up than other shapes of the same carat weight.

  • They are a gorgeous fusion of the traditional Round Brilliant and Marquise shaped diamonds.

  • The Pear shape is a modified Round Brilliant, yet it still features all 58 sparkling facets of the popular Round Brilliant.

  • The Pear cut is a more unique shape and is perfect for a truly custom and one-of-a-kind ring.

  • The Pear cut diamond ring is most commonly worn with the tip of the diamond point towards the fingertips.