Diamond Education | Radiant Cut Diamonds

What are radiant cut diamonds?

If you’re love the elegance of an emerald cut diamond but the brilliance of the round cut diamond, then the Radiant cut may be perfect for you. This cuboid shape has 70 facets that maximize the diamond’s color refraction. Its design lends itself to needing a greater weight in the diamond’s depth to optimize brilliance, but when it exhibits the recommended 70-78% depth, the Radiant cut shines with an eye-catching brilliance.

Whether you’re creating a custom Sylvie Collection engagement ring or looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, the Radiant cut is an excellent choice. The Radiant cut was created and patented as a brilliant alternative to the emerald cut by Henry Grossbard in the late 1970s. Due its large facet, however, it is important to consider color and clarity grading above other grades when choosing a Radiant cut diamond. In fact, a Radiant cut is often utilized to maximize color in fancy colored diamonds but they are just as remarkable in engagement and wedding rings. A minimum color of G and clarity of VS2 and a very good cut may result in the most stunning of Radiant cut diamonds. A Radiant cut diamond that grades low on color and clarity will easily show inclusions and imperfections that may take away from the diamond’s natural shine.

If you prefer an engagement ring with a fancy diamond, a Radiant cut will shine with utmost brilliance, especially when built into Sylvie Collection’s signature halo and diamond shank.

This square-like and rectangular-like cut of this diamond is exceptionally appealing and its beauty is optimized when cut to a length-to-width ratio of 1.00 to 1.05, much like that of the asscher cut diamond. If you prefer a more elongated outline, a ratio of 1.20 to 1.40 with 1.30 being the best is ideal. A ratio of 1.50 to 1.80 will create a narrower and longer silhouette.

Our trusted Sylvie Collection diamond experts can help you find the perfect Radiant cut diamond. Keep these notes in mind as you search for the most brilliant Radiant shape:

  • Due to the angled corners of a Radiant cut, this shape lacks the setting issues of sharply cornered Princess cuts.

  • They generally look smaller from the face up position than other diamond shapes of the same weight.

  • Radiant cut diamonds show color and clarity more than other diamond shapes; we prefer a minimum color of G and clarity of VS2 and a very good cut.