Diamond Education | Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

What are round brilliant cut diamonds?

The round brilliant diamond is the most popular and because it is the most sought after, it is also one of the more expensive shapes. Their popularity lies not just in engagement rings but also in many of the Sylvie Collection earrings and pendants because of its brilliance. The shape of the round brilliant diamond is what lends to its name. The shape resembles that of a cone and provides the optimum amount of light return through the top, meaning it has a lot of brilliance, or to the naked eye, sparkle.

There are 58 facets in a round brilliant cut including the cutlet, the bottom tip of the conical diamond. Marcel Tolkowsky published a thesis that described the best proportions of a brilliant diamond that would provide a balanced brilliance (return of light) and dispersion. These proportions may sometimes be referred to as the, “American Ideal Cut.”

If you’re unsure of how to customize your Sylvie Collection engagement ring, consider starting with a round brilliant diamond. These are the most versatile of diamond shapes since they can be used in a wide variety of types of settings and even jewelry. Although it is versatile, you may find that this popular cut looks best displayed on its own in solitaire settings.

To maximize the fire and sparkle of this traditional round diamond, choose a diamond with a cut that is ideal or very good, the two highest cut grades, and fall between ideal, very good, or excellent for polish and symmetry grades. If you are still unsure in what setting to place your round brilliant ring or which diamond to choose, one of our trusted Sylvie Collection diamond experts can help you find the diamond that’s perfect for you.

As you search for the diamond that is as perfect as your proposal will be, keep these notes about round brilliant diamonds in mind:

  • The most important characteristic of a round brilliant diamond is the cut, which impacts the brilliance, scintillation and fire of the diamond.

  • The round brilliant diamond is generally superior to fancy diamond shapes because of the superior mechanics behind its shape.

  • Round brilliant diamonds are the most versatile of diamond shapes, especially if you are unsure of a setting.

  • Round brilliant diamonds with a G-H- color rating are sometimes more preferred than the near colorlessness of one with a D-F color rating.

  • In choosing a shape, take into account the personality and preferences of your recipient. If you’re unsure, round diamond is a popular choice for its brilliance, fire and light performance.