Diamond Education | Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

What are solitaire diamond engagement rings?

You will find the quintessential engagement ring in the solitaire style. The design of a solitaire engagement ring has stood the test of time is a constant classic with unwavering appeal. If your bride-to-be loves clean lines, the solitaire engagement ring is a great choice. This style keeps the center stone the focal point allowing it to shine with brilliance on your loved one’s finger after she replies to your proposal with a resounding, “yes!” 

The best aspect of solitaire engagement ring styles is that they are very accommodating to any size of diamonds, large or small. Since this style places the diamond, or other gemstone of your choice, in the spotlight, its especially important that you choose a shape to narrow down the cut, clarity and color you seek. You may have noticed through browsing our timeless collections that the round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular choice for solitaire rings but other shapes can offer the same brilliance. For example, oblong shapes like the pear, marquise and oval will elongate fingers but for a clean look, consider emerald or asscher cuts. Although these more square diamonds may not shine as much as their round counterparts, they highlight the diamond’s clarity and cut and appear to be higher in carat weight than they really are. 

When it comes to settings, the most popular style uses four or six prongs protecting the diamond on a platinum or white gold metal band. For a ring that has a lower profile, consider a bezel-set solitaire which also shines with brilliance in it’s own way.

When purchasing or creating your custom engagement ring in a solitaire style, consider:

  • A solitaire style ring showcases the beauty of a single stunning diamond, so it should be high in quality as your budget allows.

  • The diamond in this style is often paired with a prong setting to maximize the sparkle and minimize the exposed metal.

  • For a low profile solitaire style engagement ring, consider a bezel-set solitaire engagement ring.