Diamond Education | Split Shank Engagement Rings

What are split shank engagement rings?

Split shanks are graceful and complement a variety of diamond shapes. The shank splits from the head of the ring, where the center diamond is located, creating the look of two separate bands. Typically, this style has a y-shaped visible gap between the band and the center diamond or halo set diamond.

The center diamond of the split-shank engagement ring will usually appear larger and more ornate because of this style. As you browse our line of Sylvie Collection jewelry, you’ll notice that many of the vintage-inspired rings, necklaces and more feature split shanks. Typical of this design are French-set or micropave diamonds along the band because the part from the center diamond provides more surface area for these smaller diamonds. This increases the overall sparkle of your engagement ring for an even more unforgettable proposal.

The split can also be as subtle or as pronounced as you would like when you are creating your custom Sylvie Collection engagement ring. When the split is positioned rather closely to the center diamond, the band seamlessly parts and blends into the center setting for an effect that is classically brilliant. It also helps enhance the overall beauty of the ring’s head.

A larger split, typical of a square silhouette of a cushion halo, is a defining feature that maximizes a ring’s antique design. A split that is not as wide as with a square cut diamond will distinctively take the shape of the center diamond, for example, a classic solitaire. The ring will split on the sides of the finger, framing the center diamond and appear as two separate bands.

If you are interested in creating a custom Sylvie Collection split-shank engagement ring, keep these tips in mind as you build your masterpiece:

  • A split shank close to the head will help enhance the overall beauty of the ring’s head.

  • If a ring has an exceptionally large diamond, a split shank can help balance the ring size without having to use a wide metal band.

  • A split design can create the illusion that the center gemstone is larger in size.