Diamond Education | Three Stone Engagement Rings

What is a three stone engagement ring?

In three stone engagement rings, the center stone is flanked by two side diamonds to create a unique design and a beautiful symbol of your union. The center stone of a three stone engagement ring is normally set in prongs with the flush diamonds or gemstones following suit. The three stone engagement ring, sometimes referred to as trinity rings or trilogy rings, are typically said to represent a couple’s past, present and future.

A three-stone engagement ring has sensational sparkle as the three diamonds or gems work and reflect off of each other. The row of large diamonds partnered with two smaller diamonds or three diamonds of equal size dramatically increase the sparkle and shine of your custom Sylvie Collection engagement ring. It is a durable and longwearing style that looks great with a round shape such as a round brilliant or even heart cut in any metal or setting.

Since three stone engagement rings are the most versatile of styles, the diamond shape, style, ring metal and other options are completely up to you. You will probably have the most design options when creating a three stone engagement ring that shines with significance and brilliance. Your choice may also be gaining in popularity as three stone rings have been catching the interest of more brides to be, and it’s no wonder why—the trio offers a beautifully balanced look, versatility and shine.

If you’re unsure of how to build your three stone engagement ring, here are some tips that can help you decide:

  • Three stone engagement rings can feature any combination of stone shapes and types, providing a wide variety of options and styles.

  • Three stone engagement rings are perfect for those who love more than one cut, color, or want a little extra shine on their ring.

  • A three stone engagement ring is a great way to compromise when not set on a single cut.

  • Along with styles and cuts, you can combine different colors of stones by setting a diamond center with two fancy stones or gemstones.

  • Adding two smaller stones on the side may help the center diamond appear larger.