Diamond Education | White Gold

What is white gold?

White gold has the same properties as yellow gold but has an intense white color and smooth, high polish appearance. The white color is a product of mixing gold with such metals as nickel, zinc or even platinum as opposed to the copper and silver that is mixed with yellow gold to make it stronger.

Unlike yellow gold, which works with diamonds of most any color rating, white gold is an excellent setting for colorless to near-colorless diamonds. If the diamond has a lower color rating, the white color of the white gold metal will showcase the yellow hue of the diamond. What yellow gold and white gold have in common though is the karat weight system. 18K yellow gold and 18K white gold contain the same proportion of gold, it’s just the remaining 25% that differs between yellow and white gold.

If some white gold bands look more striking than others, it may be because it is coated in an extremely hard element known as Rhodium. Although strong, rhodium can wear away over time, and you will need to re-plate the ring every few years to restore it’s whiteness.

Keep these notes about white gold in mind when working with our trusted Sylvie Engagement experts:

  • White gold and platinum are not the same metals.
  • White gold complements white diamonds.
  • Although white gold will look beautiful on anyone, it best complements fair or rosy skin tones.
  • Some white gold rings are covered in rhodium, which give it a striking white brilliance, but will need to be re-plated every few years to restore whiteness to the jewelry.