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Sylvie Collection has timeless designs to make your proposal in Kansas City, KS as memorable as the moment you met your loved one.

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Kansas City is a picturesque city on the junction of the Missouri and Kansas rivers. With a wide variety of activities and entertainment including museums, a vibrant nightlife and romantic riverside parks, all you have to do is choose the right spot for your proposal. Whether you’ve created a wonderful Sylvie Collection custom piece reflecting the beauty of this sunflower state or chose from our number of classic styles, you can be confident that the answer to the most important question you’ll ask will be a resounding, “yes!”

From Wyandotte County Lake Park to Kaw Point Riverfront Park, Kansas City has beautiful proposal locations near water that sparkles as much as your Sylvie Collection engagement ring. In fact, Kansas City is called The City of Fountains. This fountain-studded city is second to Rome when it comes to these attractive water features. Stop at one of the many fountains to flip a coin, make a wish with your loved one and get down on one knee to make your wish come true. The JC Nichols Memorial Fountain features high arches of water and sculptures of rearing horses, and it's breathtaking when it lights up at night. If the Diana Fountain or the Girada Bell Tower didn’t seem right in the moment, take your partner to one of Kansas City’s gardens. Surround yourselves with meadows full of wildflowers, rock and waterfall gardens and lakes full of lily pads for a picturesque proposal location in Kansas City. Having a Sylvie Collection engagement ring as iconic as many of the city’s destinations means you can wipe the sweat off of your brow and propose knowing your loved one will love a ring as unique as the city around you.

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