Blue Sapphire

Sparkle and Shine with the Brightest Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings and Blue Sapphire Wedding Rings from award winning designer Sylvie!

A custom engagement ring

with blue sapphires adds the perfect personal touch!

Blue sapphire engagement rings are not just for those of you with September birthdays. Blue sapphire wedding rings can be an incredible symbol of love for those who are looking for a pop of vivid color and love to stand out! Not only are sapphire rings durable, but these gemstone rings are one-of-a-kind as no two sapphires are ever alike. A custom engagement ring with blue sapphires will sparkle forever, just like her!

Did you know that sapphires...

  • Protect from negative energy
  • Attract financial abundance
  • Promote mental clarity
  • Evoke the feelings of devotion
  • Strengthen integrity and intuition