Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings
Halo engagement rings can not only protect your center stone but can also make it appear up to a half a carat larger, making it the most sought after style in the world. Customize your halo ring with vintage details or different sized stones for a unique look.
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3 stone oval engagement ring with pear sides - Liilliana - S2507S-WG
3 Stone Oval Engagement Ring – Lilliana – S2507S
Marquise Shaped Halo Engagement Ring – Chantelle – SY999-MQ
Halo Engagement Ring – Octavie – SBUP-76
halo-engagement-ring-SY999-041 RD-CU HALO
Cushion Halo Engagement Ring – Chantelle – SY999 - RB-CH
pear shaped engagement ring-S1993-PS
Classic Pear Halo Engagement Ring – Elsie – S1993-PS
Stackable Engagement Ring
Stackable Halo Engagement Ring – Loreen – S1816
Oval Halo Engagement Ring – Olivia – S1299-OV
Marquise Cut Engagement Ring with Halo
Marquise Cut Halo Engagement Ring – Olivia – S1299-MQ
Halo Round Engagement Ring S1960-WG
Halo Round Engagement Ring – Sasha – S1960
3 stone engagement ring with cushion halo
3 Stone Engagement Ring with Cushion Halo – Hannela – S1165
Spiral Engagement Ring with Halo
Spiral Engagement Ring with Halo – Emilie – SY897
Princess Cut Engagement Ring S1724-PR-WG-Sylvie
Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Halo – Coralie – S1724-PR
Princess Cut Engagement Ring – Jenny – SY696-PR
Oval Engagement Ring with Halo
Oval Engagement Ring with Halo – Aaliyah – S1805
Halo Engagement Ring – Octavie – SBUP-54
Modern spiral engagement ring S1724-CU-CH-Sylvie
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring – Coralie – S1724 - CU-CH
Enhanced Cushion Halo Engagement Ring S1199-CU-TT-RG
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with Halo – Rose Gold – Jacalyn – S1199-CU TT
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring – Therese – SY756
Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Classic Emerald Halo Engagement Ring – Elsie – S1993-EM
Baguette Halo Engagement Ring - S1958-WG
Baguette Halo Engagement Ring – Kira – S1958
Round Halo Engagement Ring – Caitlin – SY729
Emerald Cut Engagement Ring with Halo – Bernadine – SY293-EM
Cushion Halo Engagement Ring Two Tone
Cushion Halo Engagement Ring Two Tone – Therese – SY756-YG-TT
Split Shank Engagement Ring – Genevieve – S2493-RB
Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Halo
Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Halo – Emma – S1475-PR
Oval Engagement Ring
Oval Engagement Ring with Halo – Penelope – S1804
Modern Oval Engagement Ring with Halo – Bernadine – SY293-OV
Halo Engagement Ring – Jacinthe – S2133
Emerald Engagement Ring with Halo – Chantelle – SY999-EM
Marquise Cut Engagement Ring with halo
Marquise Engagement Ring with Halo – Jacalyn – S1199-MQ

Cherish your love and its symbol of an eternal promise with our timeless 4 prong halo engagement rings. Wrap your precious center stone in a gleaming halo of shimmering diamonds to protect it from hardship and allow it to shine brighter than ever before.

With a halo ring your center stone will always appear larger and will sparkle brighter. A diamond speaks louder than words and with a halo diamond ring you can show your significant other how much you love them by adding more variations of diamonds to their engagement ring.

Most halo engagement rings have a single halo of pave, four prong, or shared prong white diamonds, but some other variations of the halo can include gems and different colored stones. Adding a halo to a split shank engagement ring or a three stone makes for a more intricately designed unique engagement ring that not many other brides will have. Whichever type of halo engagement ring your loved one is interested in will depend on their own preferences and their personality. The options for customization are endless.

Halo engagement rings are a beautiful variation of the classic engagement ring. Ever since their debut during the Art Deco era, they continue to remain a popular and fashionable engagement-ring style. Surrounding the center stone, another circle of smaller, shimmering diamonds awakens its beauty, emphasizing its quality and radiance. Halo engagement rings can be added to pretty much every style, with the exception of classic solitaire engagement rings which feature only a single stone. The surrounding halo allows for more diamonds on your engagement rings and keeps the center stone safe. If your bride is one for glitz and glamour, then adding a halo to a center stone that already appears larger like a pear-shaped engagement ring will give that extra touch she’s looking for.

Just like any other engagement ring, halo engagement rings can also feature variations of metals. At the Sylvie Collection, our halo engagement rings can come in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. To enhance the sparkling diamonds, you’ll want to go with a white gold or platinum halo diamond ring. For yellow gold and rose gold halo engagement rings, the mix of a different metal and the colorless diamond can create a more unique look. The newest trend in customizing engagement rings is mixing metals.

With a halo diamond ring you can mix the metals with your halo and the band or even add gemstones to change up the look even more. When you add a different metal option to a halo engagement ring it gives off a more unique, modern look to your engagement ring. Such as, a yellow gold halo with a white gold band for a more eclectic look than a traditional white gold solitaire engagement ring. Halo diamond rings can be traditional, but a fun way to spice them up is to incorporate mixed metals for a two-tone look.

Halo engagement rings can come in many different shapes and sizes. It depends on the bride’s preference of metal, band, and if she wants to add a halo because it’ll add more sparkle or because she wants to protect the center stone. To create more shine and sparkle, go with a white gold metal and incorporate pave diamonds. To create the illusion of a larger center stone, adding a split shank to a halo engagement ring will draw more attention to the diamond.

When it comes to customizing your halo ring you can really get creative by changing up the look of a vintage engagement ring with a split shank and a halo of pave diamonds.

Sylvie’s Collection of unique and timeless halo rings offer you a chance to show your eternal symbol of love in the most romantic fashion that never fades away. Halo engagement rings add sparkle and provide a haven for your beautiful center stone. Halo engagement rings tell a story – they are both timeless and glamorous. Express to that special someone in your life that your love for them is eternal. With a halo ring, it is an eternal shape, that represents your love that is never-ending for the person you are giving it to. With a halo engagement ring, you can show your loved one that your love is more powerful than anything else, and you will protect it no matter what just like the halo does for their engagement ring.