Floral Jewelry Trend

One of the biggest trends in recent memory is the floral look. Most often, I see brides looking to replicate the classic elegance of a halo engagement ring, while adding a bit of extra sparkle and personal flare to the piece.

Yet for as many different varieties of flowers as there are in the ground, there are an equal number of unique brides looking to incorporate various floral elements into their rings.

Often, the most concentrated floral details take place on the setting in the form of a halo. In keeping with the traditional concept of a halo design, the center stone is encircled by a collection of smaller diamonds which fit closely and seamlessly next to the previous and subsequent stones. In doing so, gaps are eliminated and the ring appears larger as it is basked in a collage of diamond light.

While rose gold has drifted in and out of the limelight for nearly 200 years, its initial rise to fame began in nineteenth century Russia. Since then, everyone from demure Victorians to roaring 20’s flappers have donned pieces cast in this trendy gold.

When putting their own personal spin on the ring, brides-to-be might toy with the geometrical design, center diamond, or color of the stone. Over the years we’ve fashioned some truly dazzling rings in which the natural beauty of the center gemstone is enhanced dramatically by an opulent and uninterrupted, often scalloped, outer edge, where ‘petals’ might sport radiant blue sapphires or marquise shaped diamond accents. Both seem to the capture the allure of a flower in bloom.

However, it is not uncommon for floral accoutrements to appear more subtlety, often in the form of delicate flower inspired designs engraved on the band itself. In the organic shape of the band, you will find rings that are outfitted with intricate metal work or engravements echoing those of curving vines or wispy flowers.

Still others prefer to adorn their rings with glowing diamond accents at the center of the multiple different blooms.

In any event, while many rings which are anchored by floral settings do take on a vintage style feel, it isn’t the case 100% of the time. Many can still retain a strong and modern geometrical current that make them perfect for contemporary brides looking to fuse a bit of traditionalism into their rings.

Why brides are choosing to flock to floral styles is really no mystery either. After praise from international bridal magazines such as Inside Weddings, which recently touted Sylvie’s dramatic floral halo diamond engagement ring, and a Best in Show win for the design at the JCK 2013 platinum innovation awards, orders for our flowery engagement rings have been in full bloom.

Beyond that, flowers themselves are representative of budding love dictated by the same tender affection and care it takes to nurture a blossoming plant. Flowers delight us while we’re happy and act as an emotional salve when we’re sad.

As a ring, the highly feminine floral designs are a lasting reminder of the delicate beauty in your relationship. As treasured and rare as the diamonds set within.