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219 North Avenue West
Westfield, NJ 07090
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Since 1921, Adler's Jewelers has offered New Jersey residents and businesses the finest collections of designer jewelry and watches. Adler's Jewelers is located in the heart of downtown Westfield, NJ. Owners Andrew and Jeffrey Arkin represent the the 3rd generation of the family-owned business. The brothers have both received the highest gemological certifications in the industry, including Graduate Gemologist, GIA, American Gem Society Registered Jeweler and Certified Gemologist.



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    Adlers Jewelers

    26 reviews
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    Jordan S.

    Megan and I had done some research (mostly Megan--okay entirely her), so we decided to check out Adlers Jewelers, and immediately I was blown away with Andy and his knowledge of product and genuineness.

    As a guy, I was initially expecting several trips to various jewelry shops and--while I was growing more excited to soon be proposing to my then girlfriend--I couldn't shake thoughts concerning my overall budget and how I'd pull the whole proposal off and where, etc. I wanted it to be perfect.

    Andy from Adlers Jewelers made it perfect; the entire staff there was amazing. As soon as we sat down, my fears of pulling everything off melted away, and I realized I had an owner of a jewelry store (and certified gemologist) who cared about me and Megan's experience--so much so that he chose to stay for an hour longer than the store was open just to speak with us.

    But an apparent setback came when I was in a car accident and broke my wrist a few weeks after meeting with him, a financial setback for sure. Out of that event I actually chose to move UP my proposal plans with a smaller budget but I needed Andy's help to pull it off; he bent over backwards for me.

    Andy somehow, some way, assembled an even MORE beautiful ring than the one I had previously chosen on a larger budget (all the more precisely as Megan had wanted it!), then he expedited it's custom assembly to have it made in only TWO weeks versus the typical six. He took extra precautions to safely ship it to me (because I couldn't drive to Jersey from PA at the time with my broken wrist and totaled car) and had it overnighted--arriving several days before I would propose on Christmas Day at the Omni Bedford Springs.

    This was an INCREDIBLE experience, and without Andy and Adlers Jewelers, it wouldn't have been what it was. Thank you all so much!!!
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    M P.

    My husband and I went to Adlers to reset my engagement ring and purchase a matching wedding band...mine broke.  From the moment we walked in, the staff were amazing. Andy, one of the owners helped us personally.  Andy was wonderful, he went above and beyond any customer service we had ever received.  The setting I ended up picking turned out to be quite delicate, and apparently I have a very strong grip when I hold my steering wheel and  I kept on bending it out of shape.  Each time I did, Andy took it back with a smile and they reshaped it for me without ever charging me. Then he suggested that I pick out another setting.  My husband and I agreed, and I found a beautiful setting that was a bit sturdier.  Adlers reset all of my diamonds and did an amazing job...again, at no cost to me.  In all honestly, we have never dealt with such amazing people.  I can assure you that when my children plan on getting engaged, Adlers will be where I suggest they go.
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